Easy to install AR-15 single-point sling attachment

I show how to install an AR-15 single-point sling attachment that doesn’t require the removal of the existing receiver end plate. This one just slides over the castle nut. This is handy if you’re not comfortable removing your buffer tube, or if your castle nut is pinned. It’s a cheap knock-off I got on eBay for $8.00. Probably not good enough for combat, but just fine for weekend warriors who just like to go to the gun range.

29 thoughts on “Easy to install AR-15 single-point sling attachment”

  1. Attention YouTubers avoid this type of sling adapter they are garbage 100% ! I just ordered two of these, put them on my rifle, couple of bounces up and down to give it a test, they pull right off the castle nut !! Garbage !!

  2. Awesome video ..was not at comfort with removing buffer tube and springs ,for mag stuff.Ordered Ebay with sling/mount under 10 bucks .Big Canadian Hug mate.

  3. I just installed. That exact sling adapter from china and. Dam it works great i paid $3,65 on ebay. And with my china $20 Mt battlelink stock you don't lose that first position. Dam you gotta love china great video brother

  4. ummmm… it looks like it tightens over the buffer tube nut ? you would have to attach the sling on the left side so when the rifle is bouncing around it might break it loose. righty tighty lefty Loosey lol maybe not ideal.

  5. I installed one of these and can't get it to tighten enough. It's like the inside diameter of the adapter is just a little too large and it won't draw tight enough. I put 3 small pieces of electrician tape on the perimeter of the castle nut and it tightens now, but I haven't fired the rifle since that time and I'm not sure what it will be like after the rifle heats up. If it doesn't work I will try filing the surfaces of the adapter that are drawn together with the set screw.

  6. My M4 actually had one of those probable put on by a Marine before me but worked out great especially over seas. typically issued M4's don't come with single point sling adapter for the buffer so marines put there own on where it stays for the next Marine its issued too. had to put one on my mil spec build for nostalgic reasons lol

  7. Hey, thanks for video I was looking for sling adapter where buffer tube did not need to be removed. Ordered one already.

  8. Wow! That was a quick! I just installed a Magpul ASAP and it was a little busier than that. Nice video!

  9. Great video marty,after doing the research I'm sold.Having trouble finding it,you mind sending me the link if you still have it?Tried link someone posted and a oops page came up.Again great video,Matt

  10. I have watching other videos how to install a single mount adapter man u make it look so easy just take out the buttstock and put in the mount. other videos they take out more than just a buttstock to install the single mount adapter.

  11. very helpful. you might for future videos not keep repeating the same stuff and get too the point. also, put some lock tight on that allen screw. just a suggestion.

  12. Does it prevent the charging handle from moving back when pulled? Does the charging handle clears it without a problem?

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