Even If You're Licensed You Can't Carry Firearms in Federal Buildings?

I was down at the Social Security office and I was bored so I was reading the rules on the walls.

One of the rules was NO FIREARMS and in the print beneath it read something along the lines of even if you have a carrying permit you must check in your firearm before entering.

Why is this?

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9 thoughts on “Even If You're Licensed You Can't Carry Firearms in Federal Buildings?”

  1. I can understand why they don’t want people carrying (regardless of licensing) in a Federal building. If you had someone who just got screwed over on their taxes, or a BATFE form not go through as they wanted (and subsequently, getting a wild hair across their a**…), the first place some nut job would hit up, is an IRS, or BATFE branch office.

    Trust me, I thought of it a multitude of times… even though I personally don’t agree with it, I look at people in society, and I then understand where they are coming from. Besides that, you don’t need to carry in a Federal institution.

    No-one is stupid enough to try shooting the place up. And even if they are; they won’t last long.

  2. they’re gun-free zones, in a sense, illegal by restricting the carry of firearms by citizens since the constitution clearly says "to bear arms" and "this right shall not be infringed" , meaning that american citizens should be allowed to carry firearms where ever the hell they want to and the government shouldn’t have any say in it.
    but it basically means that these zones are "protected" from gun carriers, something funny here though, you need to check in your gun? what if you didn’t check in your gun, what would happen? what if a criminal or a psycho walks into the building with a gun, do you think he’s going to just simply check in his gun? no, he won’t, and that is the problem.
    all that gun free zones do is disarm people and make them vulnerable to criminals, do you think the killers at Columbine University cared that they were in a "gun-free zone"? hell no, and it didn’t stop them from killing every person they seen with the guns they brought in, if a student was allowed to carry a firearm, he might have been able to do something about it, but facing two heavily armed psychos without a gun is suicide and a lot of people got killed because of it.

  3. It is a matter of jurisdiction. While the State can issue you a Concealed Carry Permit, the Federal Government can restrict your carrying the weapon on their property. The Federal Government owns the property and has legal jurisdiction over it.

    Likewise a private property owner can post a sign and legally tell you that you can not carry your gun into his property. If you do so you can be legally told to leave, refuse to do so and you can be arrested for trespassing.

    Rights are not absolute.

  4. That’s right. The same government that will send you to Iraq 3 times in 6 years, where you are required to be armed, is afraid of you carrying your own personal sidearm into one of its buildings.

    Pretty sweet, huh?

  5. You need to read it again!
    1. You can’t check it, you just can’t enter with it, and that includes ALL weapons in the case of government offices, not just firearms. (Technically, even a pocket knife is NOT legal.)
    2. Property owner/lessee has the right to prohibit weapons on their premises.
    3. They don’t want someone who is upset with a decision and/or delay killing the help.

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