Everything you ever wanted to know about buying an AR15 Lower Rec…

There are endless options of AR-15 Lower Receivers. Ready Gunner details out the features that you should pay attention to when choosing what lower to use when you build your next (or first) ar15. Shows Spikes Tactical Stripped and Spikes Hellbreaker, Sentinel Firearms, Tegra Arms, Mega Arms, Rock River, LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool) and Aero Precision.

30 thoughts on “Everything you ever wanted to know about buying an AR15 Lower Rec…”

  1. Video lost credibility when he said forged was "Stamped out of a block of aluminum". If you're going to make a video claiming to teach others, do your research first. Also, for considering a quality rifle, you'd want to compare both tensile and compressive strength. Compressive strength is traditionally lower than tensile for the same stress. To be honest, even though you threw up some material properties, you really don't know what those numbers are trying to tell you. Don't try to present your guess to others.

  2. a heads up for anyone wanting one. a con to founding fathers armory ar1791 lower receiver is that the magpul d60 drum will not fit in the magazine well because of the magazine well angle angles down hitting the lever to load the d60

  3. You need to educate yourself before talking about a product. S/W, Remington, Colt DO NOT make their own lowers. You sound like an IDIOT. Do some research NumNuts.

  4. Please don't drop the hammer on a lower. Does it really affect the hammer, not really. It just irks me. They're real finicky weapons ya' know.

  5. You mention an ambi bolt release style receiver. Are there ambi bolt release receiver set ups like the LWRC you showed. So you do not have to use the BAD lever.What would that be called if including that in your build.Thanks.

  6. I have 600-650 to spend on a AR, I'm not very well informed on the platform so I really need help. What is the best rife I can get for what I can afford? Thank you.

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