Federal Firearms License – Type 1?

If you "DO NOT" plan on opening a Gun Store, but instead wish to just sell your weapons at Gun Shows, can you obtain a Federal Firearms License Type 1?

Or does the BATFE require that you have a store front?

3 thoughts on “Federal Firearms License – Type 1?”

  1. Many sellers at gun shows are not dealers. The show charges for the booths. If you have enough money to rent a booth for a show, you can sell all your firearms as a private seller.

  2. Think…..if that was the case everyone would have one. In 1994 with the Brady ban and Clinton ban part of the Brady bill was to audit all FFL’s and to shutdown all home sellers,parking lots sales and most who used the license to increase their own collection and not sell at all. 2/3 of the FFL’s turned in their license or did not renew.

    So yes you need a store and show business and inventory.

  3. A type 1 FFL is only intended for those who intend on opening a brick and mortar gunshop.
    If all you intend to do is sell some weapons, either advertise then on gunbroker.com or sell them on consignment at an established gun store.

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