Federal Firearms License type 3 Collectors FLL gun firearm?

Ok, I am thinking about getting the Federal Firearms License For Collectors – The Curios and Relics License (C&R FFL)

I know that its for a gun collector so can I buy a new gun like a glock from a wholesale dealer online or is the FFL-3 only to buy guns 50+ years old ?


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  1. HI

    A C&R license will allow you to have C&R class guns shipped to you over state lines. A C&R gun is defined as one that is more than 50 years old, or selected by a couple of other criteria.

    Read the introduction from the C&R manual.

    Here is a link to the whole manual.

    If you want to buy a Glock, you are going to have to go through a 01FFL. Why would you want a Glock?

  2. C&R guns have to be 50 years old or on the BATFE C&R list. This only allows for guns to be shipped to you, other rules (such as for Class III weapons) still apply.

  3. C&R firearms are only those firearms which have been approved by the BATFE as curio and relic firearms, meaning they are older than 50 years usually, and usually are military surplus. There is a complete list on the BATFE website. Now if what you are looking for is a license to purchase wholesale mail order guns then you need to go with a FFL01 license. However it is very important to note that just because you have an FFL01 or 03 that, it does not give you the legal right to use a firearm purchased under your license. Basically if you use the gun for home defense or any other purpose other than collecting or range shooting, your ffl license will most likely be stripped and all firearms confiscated. An FFL does not give you the right to use the gun, just to purchase and store it.

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