Federal Law and Long Guns in Ohio, with 'Low Felony' in a restrictive state…?

I am pursuing my 2nd Amendment possible privilege under Federal law in Ohio. I have found a Pawn shop that sells rifles and shotguns, and uses the Federal Instant Check, as per Ohio law – it is the only thing required. As far as I know, Federal law has less stringent requirements and only requires the Instant Check on purchases of Long Guns and filling out the form, nothing else required.

I have a conviction of Possession of a Weapon without a License, 2C:39-5, from New Jersey. The Weapon was a BB Gun (think Daisy Red Rider, for an illustration of a BB Gun – it wasn’t a Daisy, but it was not a Firearm) and is only a charge under NJ Law. NJ Law made it a ‘3rd degree crime’ under the scale of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree crimes, 4th being the least and 1st being You go to prison for 25 to Life.

I have had posts from a gentleman who had a Class ‘D’ Felony in a State and was -granted- the permission in NY State to own a Long Gun. I feel I am in the same situation as this gentlemen: Yes to Record, but No as to it being Disqualifying, as per the legal purchase.

Does the Brady system (funny because it is the Federal Check) allow me to present this as evidence if a Deny or Delay response is given by the Instant Check? Would I be given a Delay response, if the computer senses this discrepancy? Will I be able to do this same process if it does say Deny? (State is Ohio, even less requirements than NY State, so…)

Please shed some light on this, I am becoming hopeful! Thank You. – Joseph

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  1. Ain’t goin’ to happen. I’m sorry, especially because it was such a trivial crime. The federal government does not distinguish between classes of felonies, the form simply asks if you’ve ever been convicted of a felony. That being said, you may be able to wipe it off your record. You may be able to have the courts change it to a misdemeanor, but you are looking at a long, expensive legal battle. That is your only hope to ever owning a firearm again.

  2. Light has already been shed
    You are a convicted felon
    Prohibited under federal law from owning a firearm

    In order to buy from an FFL you must fill out a form that asks you this question
    You can lie if you want but to do so is also a felony and they will catch it anyway

    The state of NJ gives a report of felons in their state to NICS
    NICS then adds this list to their list of prohibited people
    When Ohio calls in all they will get is a denial on the basis that you are a convicted felon

    Delays are if your name is close to a listed felon or if foir some reason your name does not clear out
    There is no delay for felons it is simply a denial

    Most here really do sympathize with you
    But asking the question multiple time with different wording will not change the facts that you were convicted of felony weapons violations

    Your only real option at this point is a gubernatorial pardon with full restorations of your rights

    If a state fully restores your rights with absolutely on restriciton the Fed will recognize it

  3. ok…a delay means nothing…we get cops that get delayed…a denial is the problem at hand…if you get a denial then you take a "NICS guide for appealing a firearms Transfer denial" any gun shop should have one…then you take your Denial NICS number put it on the sheet and mail it in…from there if any problems happen you will need a lawyer…this states does this that state has that law thing doesnt work here…its all federal

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