Field Stripping and Cleaning an AR-15

How to disassemble an ar-15, clean it, lube it and re-assemble is common knowledge for most AR owners. But, if you’re a newbie or a vet that missed some fine points on such skill. This video should re-jump your neuron learning cells to another level.

Hats off to for creating this educational video.

23 thoughts on “Field Stripping and Cleaning an AR-15”

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  4. I can not up vote this enough.

    Though there are some spots she forgot to lubricate, the bearing surfaces AKA sliding rails on the BCG (a drop on all four is enough).
    Second it is a questionable practice to lubricate the lower receiver. If it is built properly then it should not need any lubrication. A dry film lubricant is what I would suggest if you are going to lubricate the lower.
    Third, the Cam pin is probably the most important part, some say lube it, others do not. So that is a 50:50 lubrication spot (I say lube it).

    This reminds me of the very first M16 cleaning manual.
    We have come full circle.

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