President Talks About Gun Background Checks

 The President On Gun Law Reform

The president is talking about reforming the guns laws again, but does anyone really think this is going to stop crazy people from doing thise acts of terror?, I don’t think so, it’s just the politians trying to look like they are doing something, anything

The vast majority of Americans — including a majority of gun owners — support requiring criminal background checks for anyone trying to buy a gun.  (Applause.)  So right now, Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are working on a bill that would ban anyone from selling a gun to somebody legally prohibited from owning one.  That’s common sense.  There’s no reason we can’t get that done.  That is not a liberal idea or a conservative idea; it’s not a Democratic or Republican idea — that is a smart idea. We want to keep those guns out of hands of folks who shouldn’t have them.

Senators from both parties have also come together and proposed a bill that would crack down on people who buy guns only to turn them around and sell them to criminals.  It’s a bill that would keep more guns off the street and out of the hands of people with the intent of doing harm.  (Applause.)

And, by the way, in addition to reducing violence on the streets, it would also make life a lot easier and a lot safer for the people standing behind me here today.  (Applause.) …More at Remarks by the President on Preventing Gun Violence in Minneapolis, MN

The M14 is now a prohibited gun in Australia, this guys finally got one

Gun Control Debate Gets Hot With Piers Morgan

Gun Control Interview Gets Out Of Control

A female guest gives Piers Morgan a run for his money during an interview about gun control, Morgan push’s his anti gun control views and gets hot and bothered when he loses the debate against his female guest.

Deport Piers Morgan To England?

The man looks a bit crazy and looses his cool when taking about gun control, throws his papers down

Here is what one viewer thought about it

Ummm…there’s an important theme that all of these debates are missing. If you’ve never fired a weapon, been in combat, or have not had any experience with the weapon in question, you shouldn’t have a single say in any law or debate that may determine its fate. It becomes completely biased when someone, who knows nothing of a tool, gets to debate about it when 9 times out of 10 their views are based of off misguided opinions. Ignorance must be bliss because then you can say whatever you want.

Here’s another point of view, a bit more aggressive opinion

Morgan is an arrogant POS. He invites people on his show and then interrupts them and spews nonsense. Get your facts straight! An AR15 was NOT used in the Sandy Hook shooting! The ME confirmed this. As originally reported before the media followed the wishes of this democratic administration, the AR was left in the car. I wonder if Piers’ staff of body guards are armed? Hmmmmm….I’m sure that they are. Give them all a sharp stick, Piers. That’s all they need, right? YOU ARE A TOOL!

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