Funky AR-15 Build – Part 3 – Lower Parts Kit Assembly

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00:00 The few and the proud start here!
01:55 Parts list
02:19 Magazine Catch
04:23 Trigger Guard
05:27 Bolt Catch
08:42 Front Pivot Pin
11:06 Trigger
12:50 Hammer
14:44 Safety and Wood Grip
17:36 Buffer Retainer
18:32 Final look

My parts kits came in and I managed to put it together without a vice. I would recommend not being lazy like me and cleaning up your shop enough to get to the bench vice. It all went together well though and I am starting to see the light!

The intro music “The Artisan Way” was written for my channel by insanedrummer89

Funky AR-15 Build – Part 3 – Lower Parts Kit Assembly

25 thoughts on “Funky AR-15 Build – Part 3 – Lower Parts Kit Assembly”

  1. thats some fast hammerin. Great vid. Good idea with the tape not to mare the finish. Wish i would have thought of that

  2. Great job! But the safety selector switch should have gone in first and a little oil would have made those roll pins gone in a little easier, especially the one for the bolt release. By the way where did you get that beautiful set of wood furniture for your rifle???

  3. On the pivot pen spring recess there is a hole about half way down. The trick is to push the spring down in the recess then use a small punch to hold the spring in. Then drop the retaining pin on top of the spring and put the the pivot pen in, pull the pen holding spring out and painless installation.

  4. The bolt catch pin, what I did which worked nicely for what I was working with…I used a set of vice grip pliers to squeeze the pin in place, I did the same with trigger guard pin. I had a piece of denim separating so it wasn't metal on metal.

    good luck in future builds!

  5. Gunbroker If you watch the last video in the series there is a download links for all of the parts. Thanks!

  6. 8:16 maybe a piece of cardboard will help with not scratching the reciever, nice job tho im gonna start my first build soon

  7. sweet….The hardest part for me was at 5:40. I had no vice or extra set of hands. It took forever, but I got it done

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