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Big Discounts For FFL Dealers

FFL Dealers Get Big Discounts On Firearms

It is a little known fact that FFL dealers can get big discounts on purchases of firearms, guns, rifles and ammunition and then resell them for a good profit.

Also a number of serious gun collectors simply use their FFL status to enable them to buy firearms at a discount for their own collections


Here are some examples of discounts that can be obtained, note the prices may not be current but they illustrate what sort of discount can be obtained by a FFL dealers

S & W M&P
MSRP $624.99
FFL Dealer Cost $ 425.00

Springfield 1911A1
TRP Operator
MSRP $1639.95
FFL Dealer Cost $ 1202.25

Les Baer Monolith
MSRP $1850.00
FFL Dealer Cost $ 1525.57

Glock .22
MSRP $599.99
FFL Dealer Cost $439.99
Used Cost $349.99

S&W 500
MSRP $1256.00
FFL Dealer Cost $889.06

S&W Sigma
MSRP $567.99
FFL Dealer Cost $444.53

Winchester 70
MSRP $1256.00
FFL Dealer Cost $889.06

Springfield 1911
MSRP $904.99
FFL Dealer Cost $661.75

Springfield XD .357
MSRP $573.99
FFL Dealer Cost $ 448.57

Bushmaster Ar-15M4
MSRP $1195.95
FFL Dealer Cost $ 850.25

Maverick 12ga.
MSRP $209.99
FFL Dealer Cost $ 156.99

If you would like to learn more about how to obtain discounts like these foryourself then checkout the following information FFL Kits

I am working on getting my FFL license?

Getting A FFL License

If you have your FFL could you be kind enough to explain a few things to me. I am wanting to start off selling online and from my home and eventually buy my own store. I have been reading on a paid website called but I am still a bit confused on a few things such as, a firearm storage certificate? finger print card? and acquisition & disposition (A&D) reports?
also just out of curiosity what is the general mark up cost on firearms if bought at wholesale?

FFL License