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AR-15 Complete Build (Anderson Lower & Hardened Arms Upper)

AR-15 Complete Build (Anderson Lower & Hardened Arms Upper)
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I finally completed my AR-15. Essentially, the Upper comes from Hardened Arms, the lower from Anderson Rifles with a Spike Tactical internals, the sights are MBUS Gen 2 from Magpul and the optic is a Vortex SPARC II Red Dot. Although, the upper is kind of heavy and the quad rail is sharp, I am really happy with the final product . Thanks for watching and God bless!



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CNC Engraving AR-15 Lower Receiver! Widget49

Using Fusion 360 CAD and CAM to engrave an AR-15 / AR-10 lower receiver!

In this video tutorial, we show how to copy a Glock logo from an existing Glock slide CAD model onto an AR-15 lower (just as an example) and then we create the text for the lower receiver! Engraving is done with a 3/64 Ball End Mill.

Fusion 360 Stitch Tip Video:

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