HIGH END…300 blackout AR-15 build // (COUPONS)

It’s Time for the High End 300 blackout AR-15 build. // 300 Blackout Build List & Coupons Below!?

This series is about my first 300 Blackout AR-15 Build.

?300 Blackout Build Parts List (Coupon Below!)
Aero Precision M4E1 Builders set with the ATLAS S-One Handguard
? https://goo.gl/bgRJzQ

Faxon Firearms Flame Fluted 300 Blackout Barrel

Competition AR-15 Velocity Trigger w/ lower parts kit
? https://goo.gl/xEPp6m

?Atibal XP6 1-6x Rifle Scope

Grey ? https://goo.gl/ZA5zDz
Black ?https://goo.gl/rqwcQs
Mount ?https://goo.gl/uD7WuL

Magpul STR Buttstock
? https://goo.gl/hTE8bD

Latac Dragon 300 Blackout Muzzle Brake
? https://goo.gl/gMxavn

Latac NiB E-BCG
? https://goo.gl/md5p7K

Brownells Exclusive Lower Parts Kit
? https://goo.gl/fuZrhZ

Hogue AR-15 Grip
? https://goo.gl/iv7egX

Ambi Charging Handle

For Brownells https://goo.gl/CKAAqL

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LDD $10 Off + Free Standard Shipping on Orders of $99+

M7R Free Standard Shipping on Your Order of $49+

?Brownells Coupon Codes Expiring Soon ?

L9Q $30 off $300 + Free Ship

M3P $10 off $100 + Free Ship

LDN $20 off $200 + Free Ship

?More Coupon Codes
5% OFF Shooter Lube – Code TTB ? https://goo.gl/kJq5zA

Mag Shack ? https://goo.gl/cN41yh
5% Off Code: TTB5

?PewTuber Patches &Tactical Toolbox T-Shirts Here:
? https://goo.gl/8uEC7o

Tools Used

AR15 Armorer’s Barrel Wrench: http://amzn.to/2gxTujp

AR-15 Vise Block:http://amzn.to/2hhn4ek

Wheeler Punch Kit: http://amzn.to/2m8SJkX

?Become a Patreon https://www.patreon.com/GunsOfGreatnessProject

My Favorite Glock 26 Holster: https://goo.gl/xiUUaK

Get The Vortex Viper Red Dot Here: http://amzn.to/2r0V2Yq

Get The Red Apex Trigger Here https://goo.gl/9JEcDa
Get The Purple Apex Trigger Here: https://goo.gl/gVyQHR

Get The Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger Here: https://goo.gl/yAz0Cv
Get The Glock Minus Connector Here: https://goo.gl/MHcdVA

Get The Zev Tech Spring Kit Here: https://goo.gl/lFWk9V
Get The Zev Tech V4 Race Connector Here: https://goo.gl/C54KbN

37 thoughts on “HIGH END…300 blackout AR-15 build // (COUPONS)”

  1. Definitely will keep an I on this build cuz I do have a #300Blacky pistol and I love it! 300 is the way to go for my taste. Check out Armaspec's stealth recoil spring system. That's spring system is ??? so ?and it's affordable. Also check out Magpul 300Blackout gen2 mags plus Primary arms Acss Raptor 1-6x ffp for the 300blk. The acss reticle is wicked! Jonathan I'm really proud of you and the work and quality content you put out. It's the very hard work that you put out that's very noticeable and captivating. 2018 is your magical number. #18AllTheWay

  2. Please speak out against the Atf and NRA and the bump stock ban. Go over to Military arms channel and watch his live stream from today. It's possible that the ban through the wording could lead to semi automatic firearms ban

  3. I'm looking to build my 1st ar, but there are so many damn options regarding size of barrel, round size, etc. ?

  4. I just built a 223 wylde upper from them n holy shit I love that handguard it feels amazing n suprisingly doesn't get hot after mag dumps like some do. But I added a vg6 gamma I love those brakes for being in californistan

  5. That ratcheting detent is pretty cool. Can't wait to see this build complete. It should be pretty fun.

  6. I don't get the 300 "blackie" unless it would be built for a SBR…. why not just use a 7.62X39?? other than having a heavier bullet and using a suppressor….. on out there the 5.56 will catch up and actually out perform the blackie. oh and btw, nice presentation and good job!!! stay sexxxie!!! nice touch!!!!! bahahahaha missed the tunes on this one. it seemed minimal

  7. Man take it from someone who builds the stuff for a living you should have gone with a barrel with a pistol length gas tube. You're going to have issues shooting 220 grain or heavier bullets when not suppress. Just a little for your information. If you like I can send you a lapping tool and lapping compound to cut the face of the barrel opening lap the very face of it it will accurize the upper receiver and trim some of the material off so that you don't have to use a shim kit. I can help you out no problem brother. That way your handguard will fit flush against your receiver. Hope everything works out. If you have any issues I'm a dealer for Aero precision and Ballistic advantage. And have a lot of parts kids and all kinds of stuff in stock. Just let me know brother.

  8. Love the flame fluted faxon. Good choice man.
    Easily capable of sub-MOA groups.
    Makes me want to pull my ARAK out.
    I've been stuck on .458 socom so my faxon barrels and rifles have been getting neglected, it's unfortunate… They deserve to be shot way more often.

  9. Oh brother you better put in a binary trigger in that blackie. Stay sexy and keep the videos coming.

  10. I have he Lantac Dragon and EBC-G on one of my builds! You’re gonna love them! I also have the Strike Industries King Comp and Sail Comp and the VG6 Gamma on other builds. There’s nothing quite like the Dragon! In a word, it’s amazing! And that EBC-G…butter! Silky smooth! Love the vids! Keep ‘em coming! ??
    P.S. If you get a chance, try out the JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring. That’s on my build with the Lantac items as well as the Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun Trigger…amazing!

  11. Have you tried the maxim pdw brace? Saw you tried the sb Tactical version but I want the one that gets a little tighter.

  12. Really enjoying the channel. Love that you take the time and put coupon codes up. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  13. You keep saying you had to shim the barrel, why ? Will the bolt lock up properly giving you the correct head spacing(usually no need to worry about that with the AR15 platform) ? I would really like for you to get into why you shimmed the barrel a little more if you can ? or did i miss that part ?

  14. Love the Atlas handguard and new receivers. Not sure what you torqued your barrel nut to, but I'd try to remove those shims and try again. That gap would bother the heck out of me. One thing about barrel nuts; you're normally ok to go a little tighter when needed to time them. Thanks for the build video… always like seeing what others put together.

  15. Blackie build… haha. love it! Idk if fog makes 300blk rounds or not but if they dont Rainier has alot of options for 300blk ammo. Sorry i havent commented for a bit, been busy with the kids and upgrading the gen5. Good choice on the faxon barrel. They have great products. I ended up goin with them for my glock then u reviewed them shortly after. Was glad to see i made a good decision and that u enjoy them as much as i do. As always great video and keep up the good work brother. Love, peace and happiness!

  16. I just built my first (non-piston) AR in 300blk with a Mega Arms Megalithic upper and a Spike's lower. Maybe for your next build? I also went with Faxon for the barrel.

  17. I'm a fan of the 300 Blackout But I'll stick to the 556/223. Can't wait to see the range review. Like that lower and handgard really Nice. ?

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