Home Defense Ammo for Your AR-15

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Choosing ammunition for your AR-15 for home defense is a life and death decision. In this video, we remove the veil of confusion and stick with what works in any house, apartment, condo, or other living arrangement. The rounds recommended in this video are effective against attackers and prevent over-penetration.

21 thoughts on “Home Defense Ammo for Your AR-15”

  1. My favorite SHTF/Home defense round for my 1:8 twist AR's are the IMI Razor 69gr & 77gr OTM's. They are good for the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) so they are great for me. Only problem might be Over Penetration? At 4:00 minutes…

  2. Has anyone ever heard of night vision? Not the goggles or the scopes but actual night vision? That white tac light will just be one big hint that you are coming. It may actually make you a target and the home invader can even shoot you while holding a "9 sideways Gangsta' style". I suggest leaving a light on in a room in the middle of the home which you can see who is there. Also be tactical. Most people that will invade your home will be scared and will shoot straight as of you are standing so be low. Practice and practice. Teach those in your household to hit the floor the minute they hear a loud voice or a key word or just stay staying in bed. Also teach the ones to walk with a purpose because most home invaders will sneak.

    So seriously just be comfortable with the AR and confident in your tactical abilities. Most people go to a gun range or hunt with it and leave it alone. Wrong idea. Make sure you know your home defense weapon in and out. It may sound stupid but play with it and just hold it and get a feel for it. Know what you can do with it inside your home and actually see what it will penetrate wall wise on the range. Just like the walls in your home. Then have a plan for everyone in your home.

  3. Reid,
    Just got a reddot for my AR and see that people mount them at different eye reliefs.
    Some center of ejection port, some front edge of receiver or back close to the rear sight.

    This all a personal choice or is there something to it?

  4. hey reid. i know this is an inactive post, but i have a simple question and a yes or no answer would be perfect. would you recommend an a2 stock on a carbine length gas system? i have a mock dissipator. saw the setup you had in your video. i tried the forums but its hard to get real info on this. thanks

  5. FIocchi VMAX. Many PDS use it because does not ricochet or over penetrate, too. $25.OO/50 at Cabela's. Second choice is lead core hollow point. To tell if it is lead core, look at the hole in front of the bullet. You will see a gray circle around the bullets's front hole, too. Third is soft point. These will have a gray tip at the front of the rifle, too. Forth is the OTM[OPEN TIP MATCH].

    Excellent ammo brands for AR-15s: PPU, Federal, Speer, Fiocchi, Hornady, and Freedom Munitions. I donot recommend Remington at this because their ammo is having quality control issues. I bought a box of the Remington 9mm JHP and it had three dented cartridges, too. Fortunately, I keep 20 round box of 'Team Necver Quit' HP 9mm as a 'Top off box' for such emergencies, too.

    Grest video with a a lot of data, also. All the best!

  6. at 7 yards I'll opt for my 9mm 147grain hydrashoks
    not sure if that close is meant for an AR
    please help me understand why an AR over a pistol

  7. You're saying use either FMJ, SP, OTM or Tipped ammo…. So pretty much you're saying use anything EXCEPT the monolithic bullets (Barnes, GMX).

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