How To Assemble an AR15 Lower Receiver

This is a long one, but I’ll be showing you how to build an AR15 lower using a parts kit from Midway USA, and a Palmetto State lower from Powder Keg Shooting Supplies.

5 thoughts on “How To Assemble an AR15 Lower Receiver”

  1. Dude get an AR15 armors wrench eBay like $9 and it does Castle nuts Barrel nuts Barrel accessories about everything you can think of it as a cut out Notch whatever for it's great and cheap

  2. Might I suggest you show a bit more detail about how to put the springs on the hammer and trigger or the spring legs for the hammer sitting ON TOP of the trigger mechanism? For a brand new builder, such details can be very helpful. Thanks for the video either way!

  3. recently built my second AR. i suggest anyone who is into airsoft also get into real firearms. its a whole world of fun. and making, customizing guns is awesome.

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