How To Mount A Precision Riflescope

Properly mount your riflescope for optimal performance. Here’s how.

28 thoughts on “How To Mount A Precision Riflescope”

  1. This is a great way to pinch or put stress on the scope tube. You never want to torque the bottom of the rings after the scope is installed. Torque, lap bottom half, clean, put scope in. Install caps. Make plumb line. Level and torque. Check plumb again.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial on how to use your fine products. Absolutely the best value in optics! Performance far outstrips the price.

  3. My friend had a 20moa base, and he put the bubble level inline with the scope. It drove him nuts? and I just sat there and watched for 20 minutes of swearing and frustration lol

  4. Now take it to the range and hope you are close enough to hit the target and have sufficient adjustment to center your round laterally.

  5. Great video. Thank you for sharing. It would be really awesome if Vortex sold a scope mounting kit for a reasonable price

  6. This system will only work if the 2 bubble levels are calibrated to read the same. The cheap Wheeler levels I bought (as used on your turret) , did not read the same when both are set on the same flat surface.
    They sent me a new set which also did not read the same. In fact, no 2 of the 4 I have read the same. I have to use one level and go back and forth between the action and turret to accurately mount a scope. Have you checked yours? Thanks.

  7. I guess no one Laps the Rings anymore. This is not the way to mount a precision scope. Skipped a very crucial step..

  8. 50 inch lbs of torque on the base, then 15-18 in lbs of torque on the rings, did I hear that correctly?

    Would these same numbers apply to the vortex cantilever mount?

  9. Didn't align rings, didn't lap rings. And don't trust turret caps being level with cross hairs. I wont be having this guy mount my scopes.

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