How To Zero Your AR-15 Red Dot Sight

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35 thoughts on “How To Zero Your AR-15 Red Dot Sight”

  1. This is an older video that I watched along with how to zero irons. I used Reid's method at 50 yards for both. Spot on. Zero has held solid for more than 1 year and about 2000 rds. Thanks Reid, and keep up the good work.

  2. My rifle has a 3×9 scope, 45 degree irons and a reflex on top of my scope. Scope is 73/155 yard zero, reflex is 25 yard zero, and 45 irons are 100 yard zero. I'm retarded I know but it works.

  3. I just want to say how appreciative I am for you posting these videos , I just bought my first AR and your videos have been so helpful in techig how to clean an AR when first bought to how to sight in iron sights to this video about red dot sights, you have been so helpful , so keep it up we all love the videos !

  4. Three years to the day after you posted this video, I found it. And it's the best video I have watched for this. Thank you Reid.

  5. Thank you?? I’m so glad you took the time to explain this with great detail in a short amount of time. Definitely following your page.

  6. When you put a hat and sunglasses on Reid, he looks like Brian Redbann from Joe Rogan's podcast. Which is awesome because both Reid and Brian are the shit.

  7. I just started watching your videos. Fantastic job! You are a great teacher, informative, short, sweet and to the point! Now I will have to go through your video library…Thanks!!

  8. I got a question. I have a small red dot sight for my crossbow. When my crossbow is stationary on a table, and I move my head from left to right or up or down, the red dot moves it doesn't stay in the center. Is that how it's supposed to be?

  9. What exactly does that mean. " THE LESSONS WE HAVE LEARNED ARE WRITTEN ON THE TOMB STONES OF OTHERS. Call me stupid but I really don't understand what the heck that means. The lessons I have learned, ( keep you eyes on the front sight) Squeeze the trigger straight to the rear steadily increasing the pressure until the weapon goes off as a surprise. Is this what is going to be written on my enemies tombs? I'm not being a smart ass or a troll Reid please tell me what I have missed here.

  10. I have a aimpoint sight on my ar and it's zeroed out from a gun smith and every time I aim at the bullseye they all go about 2 inches down to the left of the bullseye. What am I doing wrong?

  11. So is that group meant to be an inch high at 50? or was the group exactly on your point of aim? I have seen other zeroing from yourself and others that talk about the inch high at 50.. used that myself to great success at distance.. I am just curious as to that small detail in this video.. btw.. I appreciate all of your education..

  12. I'v had a Holosun Red Dot Circle on my AR for a little over a year, and haven't zeroed it, which means the rifle hasn't been shot for that long. Going to the range this Wed., but unfortunately, almost all of our ranges here in South Fucking Florida, are only 25 yards, and sometimes less, and all are indoor. What I'm afraid to try is, if I start to move the red dot image and move it in the wrong direction, then I'm screwed! If one screws the adjustment knobs clockwise, does that move the dot/circle right, and down? And all this ''minutes of angle'', and ''clicks'', stuff might as well be a foreign language to me! Also you mentioned, if shooting at a 25 yard range, as I have to do, I would need to have the bullet impact an inch below bulls eye, to be ''on'' at 100 yards. How do I do that? Thanks for your help, sincerely, Jay

  13. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the less expensive UUQ scope? IF so any advice on what knobs do what and how to zero uuq 4×32 compact repticle scope?

  14. Quick question.. maybe a stupid one.. the silhouette that you used? Where did you get it? Homemade?

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