Installing a Free Floating Hand Guard on your AR15 ( DR Guns 15 i…

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In this video I will show you how to remove a 2 piece handguard and install a DR Guns 15 inch free floating handguard. This handguard is new to the market, and you should be seeing it listed on their website in the near future. The DR Guns M-Lock handguard is one of the easiest to install, no need to index the gas tube, or shim the barrel nut to align the handguard mounting hardware. For more info on this new handguard check out

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8 thoughts on “Installing a Free Floating Hand Guard on your AR15 ( DR Guns 15 i…”

  1. Fast-forwarding through parts of your video makes this video about useless for people that don't know how to do these installs

  2. DR Guns have these on clearance for over half off at the moment ! Just ordered a 15 inch M loc for under $100

  3. How does chinese gas block holds up?

    And please, turn off autofocus next time on camera :).

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