Interchangeable Caliber Barrel System ICBS AR-15 M4 (sales@4gunlo…

AR-15 Interchangeable Caliber Barrel System (ICBS)

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  1. i like it!… i like it a lot! like to see more tests! like it to be affordable for middle class american! i'm a Marine! it needs to be durable and dependable!

  2. The recent frenzie of AR purchases and lack of supply of AR-15 parts and components has delayed bringing the website up. Until AR-15 supplies regain a normal reliable level of procurement, we will not have the website available. If you wish to get on a list of interested customers, please email me.

  3. awesome, I got to have it! Was told about this at my local gun dealer and I cant find anything but this video and its a shame, this would sell like crazy. With all the ammo being hard to find, you never had to pick just one round. Its a preppers wet dream! Talk about being in a combat zone in another country and having your parts in your pack and your not near your team for ammo… This gun package is a must.

  4. The website will be up by 12-15-2012. If you can get the 300 whisper barrel for the AR-15 we can do it. The 300 AAC blackout has dominated the AR-15 market and the barrels are readily available. It's my understanding that the 300 whisper can be fired in the 300 blackout barrel, but not vice-versa. 300 whisper is 7.62x34mm while the 300 blackout is 7.62x35mm.

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