Is a Bushmaster AR15 Any Good?

Short answer: YES. I’m loving my Bushmaster MOE AR15. I felt that it was needed to make this video because before I ended up buying this rifle (my first AR15) I heard many people say that Bushmaster “Isn’t what they used to be” and that quality control has gone down. Well, I’m here to say that mine has been performing great without a single hiccup. Don’t believe everything you read on forums, Thanks for watching! Click here to check out the red dot sight I was using: Walkers electronic ear protection: Click here to support Texas Plinking on Patreon:

39 thoughts on “Is a Bushmaster AR15 Any Good?”

  1. I own a Bushmaster XM15E2 and shoot tacks with mine.. It s well built and I well maintain mine. It s really how you treat your weapon..

  2. I noticed that you didn't bother to show anyone the results of your shooting. We know that the weapon will put lead downrange. Not much else. Bogus.

  3. The fitment between the upper and lower on service M16s is actually pretty loose. The fine alignment of the lower is pretty irrelevant when it comes to hitting the target.

  4. Bushmaster was one of the 1st to be out there making good milspec AR15'S. I use one daily on duty, I added a gas piston kit 12 years ago by areas defense and it works just fine.

  5. I think they are all about the same within thier respective cost groups. You do get way more for your money these days with ar's. Warranty is important as well and is something you dont get with a build

  6. I'm jealous of all you people pout west. It seems like y'all just set up shop any where in the set and start burning powder. In the south east its hard to find places to shoot without going to a range

  7. Take that crappy red dot off and replaced it with something that won't break when you look at it wrong.

  8. Don’t worry about steel cased. Your barrel will last 18-22K rounds even when using it. That Lucky Gunner test wasn’t realistic. Nobody does mag dumps with thousands of rounds like that. It was heat from mag dumps that killed those barrels using steel cased.

  9. tulammo isn't good and it not the steel casing that's the problem, it's the coating they put on the casing, the more rounds you fire the more of that coating gets transfered to the inside of the chamber which will cause jams,misfire, ect… if you do have these problems and are using tulammo this is why. I recommend spending the extra and get brass cased rounds like Remington, or military surplus ammo in the bulk boxes. but unless you like excessively cleaning your gun or want to teach your children proper weapon cleaning then stick with tulammo because it will dirty up a gun real good. but this is just my opinion/recommendation. do what you want, i.d.g.a.f.

  10. doesnt matter what brand is stamped on a ar15. the barrel is main thing to worry about.
    there isnt a damn thing wrong with bushmaster. or any other factory built ar for that matter. i stay the hell away from overpriced heinz57 builds every wannabe in the country is doing in basement with 200 different brands of parts. buy all factory and get a warranty. buy bushmaster if youre not worried about being cool or impressing some idiot with dick measuring contest. and save me the spec bullshit or ballistic charts and tolerances blah blah blah its a ar people

  11. Windham was the original designer/manufacturer of bushmaster. They are even built in original bushmaster factory.

  12. It's not a Daniel but mine is accurate and runs like nobody's business. Fast as I can pull the trigger.

  13. I love my AR…no issues great weapon as far as am concerned. I've had it about 10 years. It's like the old Timex watches….

  14. The only ones saying that about bushmaster are colt fanboys. They think colt is the end all be all

  15. Well it would be nice to have an legal at-15 in California. You have to have the bullet pin to drop the mag. No special stocks. No grips or muzzle breaks that can fit the thread of a suppresser. You should be lucky where you life because you have all those things to improve your AR. We also hade to get rid of all magazines with 10 or more bullets.

  16. It's good that the rear pin is harder to get in. It helps hold the upper and lower tighter so there Is Less of an issue with accuracy

  17. Yes i finally found an actual firing demo not some guy just braging about there Guns

  18. I tried that Tula ammo out of my BCM and consistently fired 4-6" to the left at 25 yards. Thought I got a great deal on a couple hundred rounds but made it worthless for me to change my zero just to save a few bucks hope it works better for you

  19. Steel case wears out your extractor faster. It's an easy to replace part. Barrels, especially on the Ruger Precision should be considered a necessary replacement after so many rounds are fired.

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