Israeli E-Lander Gen 1 vs. PMAG Gen M3! 30rd AR15 Magazine Compar…

This video compares the Gen 1 Elander to the PMAG Gen M3 30rd AR15 magazine in a few revealing tests.

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44 thoughts on “Israeli E-Lander Gen 1 vs. PMAG Gen M3! 30rd AR15 Magazine Compar…”

  1. I don't know what army you were in but in the US Army we load 30 rd mags with 30 rounds. Only a dumbass would cut his ammo load down. Where has this myth come from and why won't it die?

  2. Metal mags have done well in several wars. I like the pmags but have 3 of these Israeli mags with no issues.

  3. If they are new let them set 2 weeks or so loaded to break the spring in. All springs will take an initial set and this is usually designed into the spring.

  4. I work QA for one of the companies that makes the 30rd for the military. I looked at the e-lander mags and i think the the biggest problem i have with them is the forward cutout where the bullet slides across when chambering. It's not cut the same as the US mags. It leaves very little room to eject. Just hold them side by side and you will see.

  5. there are so many Israeli fanboys on YouTube my experience with any of there mags, polymer or aluminum, was terrible

  6. i forgot to mention my e lander fits my smith n Wesson m andp15 just fine snug as a bug

  7. I got a 40 round e lander magazine works great if you try to feed the rounds out by hand its hard to do but in the rifle it feeds fine   but wtf is this guy talking about in the video when he says ar 15 magazInes are hard to come by lol  there the most common magazine you can find lol

  8. I bought a lot of these E-landers 10s, 20s & 30s, with high hope back in 2012. What a piece of shit. Brand new and was a pain to lock into the mag well and drop. Look nice but would not bet my life on them.

  9. I don't have much exp with diff mags, and have not been a long time shooter of the AR15. But here is my spin…
    I am little concerned with the flex and stretchiness of the PMags. However, I have not had any probs. at all. Occasionally when I drop a Gen 2 PMag on the floor which has cartridges in it it will let go of the top cartridge and it will pop out, come loose. I think that is because they flex. But no probs with durability and feeding, etc. No probs ever with the fully charged mags that will not seat in the mag well with a closed bolt.
    Also, I have had mags charged for yrs and the springs do not get tired, work fine.

    I have had GI Alum AR15 mags that are old and dirty, dented and work just fine. I have not had any probs with steel mags, including British Arsenal Armory type mags, etc. Have no opinion on whether PMags work in mud, sand, etc.
    The only mags I ever had for anything that did not perform was Korean Glock fake pistol mags that didn't work and that was only part time. Gave them away as a write off.

    I am thinking generally that most mags work most of the time and it is no longer an issue with bad mags – now days mags are cheap, so stop fussing and making probs when none exits. If any Mag gets damaged or has gremlins in it, just throw it in the trash and move on.

  10. I train and abuse pmag, store USGI with new followers and 28 rounds, and run lancer A5 mags in matches. I have one HK mag that's a big expensive tank. I think I'm gonna skip the Mako.

  11. Store an E Lander with 30 rounds for a year or two and do the same with a pmag. The pmag will have feed lip spreading.

  12. I don't get why people do all these tests on their magazines like they in war in Iraq or Afghanistan. you going to the shooting range with them magz. Or to a outdoor ranges with them shooting paper cardboard or whatever.if a mag works good going to the shooting range its fine with if they start miss feeding and jamming up now that's a problem. people please do not buy pro mags I'm begging you do not buy pro mags

  13. Im waiting to receive my order of 8 of these E-Lander MAGS and after watching a few videos Im a little discouraged I did not stick to PMAGS that I already have.  That being said its been over a year since you made this video, do you have any updates on these mags, did they get any better?  Also are there any Steel Mags out now that put the E-Lander to shame.  Lastly do you recommend I do a return if possible on my order?  Love your channel, if you have any advice I would appreciate it.

  14. The only way for me to get an E lander into my AR is to have the bolt open and then insert the full mag.

  15. How many times do you really run over a magazine? Yes, it's a toughness test. But is it really necessary as an infantry requirement? Even in the military if you accidentally run over your magazine (return it to your co armorer, replace it immediately).

  16. I have two of them work great. Must be your gun. Mine have zero of the problems you are having. To the others that say GI mags are better I would challenge you to buy just one. I got mine for 11.95 each and they are sold! I love my Pmags and will buy more of them. But to have two steel mags for the price of one in some places is a steal.

  17. Do a fair comparison between an Israeli CAA mag that cost $7.99 I give you the magazines and I bet they beat the magpuls.

  18. ive never understood torture testing. you can break anything. in 8 years in the Army I never saw a magazine get run over.

  19. thanks for doing this video. I wanted to know more E-lander magazines. Now I know I will stick with PMAG, ProMag, or SGM.

  20. The e-landers are stout but my god do they suck. Heck my promag magazine fed and seated better. Ill stick with aluminum USGI mags. 🙂 good video

  21. I never understood this logic, which I've addressed several times here and on several forums. You are buying functionality, not material. There isn't any failure of an AR15 magazine to do its job under harsh conditions that you can excuse because it was made out of a certain material. Either it fails or it doesn't regardless of the test.

  22. This is like comparing apples to oranges. Yes, they are both AR mags, but you should be comparing steel to steel, or plastic/polymer to plastic/polymer. I understand why you did it because everyone has/had high expectations for the E-Lander mags, and most people love the PMAGs.

    The key to get the E-Landers to seat properly with a closed bolt is that you have to take a file to the top of the mag and shave a little bit off. Granted you shouldn't have to do this, but it works.

  23. You can't be reading the 68 page E-Lander thread in the Mako section of arfcom. Still plenty of reports from people who can't get these mags to seat.

    Complaining that PMAGs are plastic is like complaining that E-Landers are steel. You know what a mag is made of before you buy it, and if it works right, who cares what it's made of?

    Magpul makes no claim that a PMAG is "MilSpec." The only true USGI spec mags look just like USGI mags. That doesn't mean they aren't spec where it counts.

  24. Not to start a stupid youtube war, but I kindly disagree. I'm more of a fan of the non plastics and the elander seems to have a better spring (which might hold up better through time). Reviews seem to be mixed on both. E-lander complains seem mostly fulfillment complaints, and PMag's seem to be mostly "Plastic" and "Not mil spec" complaints. Who knows. Wish a military man with experience with both mags can weigh in.

  25. Can't disagree with you more about your characterization of PMAG's quality and longevity. You don't have to run over your E-Lander to damage it- just watch my comparison of this mag with the USGI mag.

    Don't be fooled by a glossy paint job- the E-Landers are ordinary steel mags and nothing more, and they have not demonstrated to be anything other than avg quality for a mag. The newest generate works fine for most people, but just read the forums- plenty of unhappy customers still out there.

  26. I appreciate the video, however it's like comparing a high end dgtl camera with a plastic cvs disposable. The e-lander mags are better quality and will last longer – period. You can use them for years and hand them down. If they get ran over, they may malfunction. I trust trojan condoms over glass bottles. When exposed to high heat the Trojans will melt whereas the glass bottle will not. Is that the measure of usefulness? I'd rather an elander as most of my mags aren't getting run over.

  27. You know now that I have seven of my own I have come to realize that you were right and I was wrong. These things are difficult to seat fully loaded. My solution was to hack saw off one half a rounds diameter from the bottom of the follower. When I do that seating a full 30 round mag is easy and there are no feed issues with the shortened follower. BTW the unmodified follower is the same length as a magpul on. The difficulty in seating comes from the two piece floor plate.

  28. Funny, the mags for a IWI Tavor have a hard time working in a ar15 and pmags can cause jams in a tavor 21

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