Lockestone Industries AR15 80% percent AR-15 Lower Receiver CNC M…

Lockestone Industries Universal 80 percent lower jig

18 thoughts on “Lockestone Industries AR15 80% percent AR-15 Lower Receiver CNC M…”

  1. Looks Mighty Flimsily And by taking off & putting it back On Multiple times you will get Off center, side by side cut's.I would NOT use one even if it was Free

  2. People kill me when asking dumb questions…if you don't know how to use a milling machine this video is NOT for you!

  3. Am I the only person who us completely discouraged to buying an unfinished lower due to the fact that this milling process seems extremely intricate and difficult if you don't own a 1000$+ drill press?

  4. cool video  A note to those who see this:

    Gloves should NEVER ever be worn when milling, be it a milling or drilling operation. Ever.  Ever.   It's difficult to keep your mits out of the work area and you will break your hand or worse if you catch your gloves on the spinning tool..

  5. I know this is a stupid question but does anyone know what the song in the background is called?

  6. Not to critique, just my observations…
    When operating a milling machine, you should not be wearing anything on your hands, fingers, or forearms-this includes long sleeves and gloves. Short sleeves should be worn in the shop, or long sleeves should be rolled up above the elbows. Gloves should be worn when handling sharp cutters or pieces of material, and then stay away from any operating machinery. Gloves should always be removed before any machine in the area is started. Long hair should be tied back. Also, loose clothing should not be worn.
    Also, the drilling technique is "peck cycle" not "peak cycle"

  7. how long did it take to complete? will your Lowers fit into a "Tactical Machining" jig?

  8. Your receivers look great.  I am curious as to whether your company has entertained the thought of making a jig that will allow the completion of the lower using a router?  I do not have a mill and my drill press is much too small and inacurate.  I saw one company that does offer this as an option but I don't like thier lower receiver design as much as a Lockestone.  Just curious, in any event you have a very nice product. 

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