M16 Full Auto Suppressed

Shooting and discussing the iconic M16 / AR15 / M4 platform. The upper on this select fire lower is actually my 6920 Colt, which performs flawlessly.
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48 thoughts on “M16 Full Auto Suppressed”

  1. They are such a timeless firearm, its crazy to think that steam trains were still out and about when this gun was in the works, and the small block ford V8 and 427ci big block chev did not exist yet !

  2. few years ago i found one of these somewhere in Pochinki, fully kitted with Angled grip, extended quickdraw mag, tactical stock. a surpressor and 4x scope. pretty dope rifle!

  3. Is it just me, or am I the only one that loves the sound of brass hitting the ground?

  4. Glad for the qual. More like M4 setup

    With all the wimpy cryers noise complaints you'd think suppressors would be #1 on the make legal list

  5. My grandpa has used an M16 in Vietnam and he told me that the M16 had an steel bolt and that bolt would get dirty and try to double feed in till they replace the bolt with Chrome bolts and the bolts had worked better than the steel ones and didn’t jam that Often

  6. That's why I hate BDCs. It limits what environments and calibers you can use a scope with. God forbid there's extra humidity or anything else that can change the way the bullet flies, because that BDC is going to be useless if that happens. Mildot all the way.

  7. When skynet become self aware and taking over the world, you'll be seeing me around this guy

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