Machining an AR-15 80% Lower Receiver on Tormach 1100

Machining a Glock 9MM Mag 80% Lower from New Frontier Armory! Using Fusion 360, tooling from American Gunsmith Tooling and a Tormach PCNC 1100!

Download Fusion 360 CAD & CAM File (Patreon):

Tooling from
3/8″ End Mill:
1/4″ End Mill:
80% Lower from
Gage Blocks:
KNS Anti-Walk Pins:

32 thoughts on “Machining an AR-15 80% Lower Receiver on Tormach 1100”

  1. John, I love the new channel, I am subscribed to your NYC CNC channel as well and while I am fascinated watching CNC machines do their thing and your CAD work with Fusion 360 blows me away most of the time you leave me in the dust. I'm an old timer and you young fella's and your computers are way beyond my understanding and skill set. None the less I enjoy the content. Guns now were in the same ball park, although I don't have the ability to manufacture my own parts I do enjoy building and shooting weapons. The series on how to get your HUMMER titled and road legal was great information as well.
    Keep it coming and we will devour the content, thanks.

  2. i deploy a lot of times my favor m-4 well AR type upper and lower i never got chance to experience the scar 16 as they want to adapt in the military but for me still a scar just look like a m4 in a way i wish have a scar make with a charging handle like the m-4 but body with scar still modular buttock but charging handle from the back and not from the size like scar have….. i do like that scar buffeer is not on the back what allow the bud stock to fold….scar body look real strong but the look of a back charging handle from the back like the m-4-m-16 style on a scar nice nice nice

  3. Isn't it illegal to machine a 80% lower on a machine that is on the property of a business and not your personal machine on your personal property? I'm not being an asshole I'm curious because I work at my family owned machine shop and am wondering if I'm able to do this also…

  4. Nice video but I have a few observations/questions. I'm an engineer (no I'm not one of the evil/stupid ones) and have worked int he firearms industry for a while and I'm familiar with the military drawings on the M16 receiver. When you were setting up your machine for the cuts you used the outside surfaces to determine center line for your pocket. The drawings should have called for using the inside of the front right lug as the reference plane for geometric tolerances since the outside is not held to very tight tolerances due to forging differences. So should you have not picked the referenced surface? I understand that this 80% is a billet lower so it is more likely to be true. Also the trigger pin holes should have been located from the front take down pin not the rear since you will start getting tolerance stacking that was not engineered into the design. I'm not a machinist and do not have a copy of the drawings being used on the pistol caliber lower you are machining so there could be differences.

  5. Was curious what barrel you're running on that rig, I have a similar setup and due to the feedramp (or lack thereof) Im seeing some serious bullet setback issues. Thanks man, really enjoy your vids

  6. Hi John,How long does it take you to do the programing in fusion, for a part like this? I'm just trying to teach myself fusion cad and cam. want to learn cnc.

  7. Cool to see you guys posting cool stuff. What I was wondering. With your skills and tools wouldn't it be possible to create a lower from a billet and add your own improvements to it or would this be something that would cause problems with the law?

  8. John, what size did you end up reaming for each of the holes? I've seen many different posts on different sizes….

  9. John, you know I love ya man… But finishing an 80% lower on a CNC mill seams like cheating to me. IJS

    Mind you it may be the fact that I don't have access to a mill to cheat with… Nahhhh that couldn't be it. ?

    Looking forward to seeing more big boy toys.

  10. Glad to see some videos on this channel. Receiver looks awesome. I hope you show us more of the build.

  11. going to be an awesone build! I believe, though, that the glock based systems will always have trouble with last round bolt hold open. The Colt patterns seem to be better at this.

  12. Its amazing what good software and hardware can do with a talented operator behind it! Love watching your videos!

  13. Do you have to comp for the probe on that haimer or does it always show center when you locate a datum?

  14. N I C E !!!
    I used CAD/CAM and ran CNC machines for over 27 years, and every time I watch someone else's program run, I see that tool come flying down that Z-Axis at Mach 2, I just gotta be Honest, It Makes My Anus Draw Up Real Tight!
    Great Model Work, Awesome CAM and Fantastic Machining!
    Thanks Much!

  15. Not very knowledgable in this area, but what was the purpose of machining a half made reciever rather than just buying one?

  16. Did those cutters have weldon flats? Looks like you just clamped them with the set screw. Looked like you were lucky the pocket near the buffer tube was there other wise you would have had to run the cutter way long.

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