Maglula Magazine Loader Simply Amazing!

I never used these things until recently. It’s obvious why so many people want to know what type it is; the things just works!
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21 thoughts on “Maglula Magazine Loader Simply Amazing!”

  1. If you need a speed loader you're poor little old feeble arthritis hands shouldn't be shooting in the first place. Just saying.

  2. The beginning needed a voiceover saying "Has this ever happened to you?" and you saying "There's got to be a better way!"

  3. I’ve seen you load mags with just one hand in other videos. But thanks for sharing this product I’ll check it out for sure.

  4. I love it, although one wonders if you took a slug or two of moonshine after that first attempt at hand loading. 🙂

  5. Dear Mr. Hickok,

    Arriving years-late to your video (nothin' new 'bout that, the 'Joneses' left MY butt far behind, decades ago!), but I had to comment.
    When I was a young buck serving in the Marines, I don't recall having ANY trouble handloading the well-used magazines that my M16A2 used. Of course, we were only using 10 round mags (Boot), but even after graduating and continuing my firearms hobby while on Active Duty (ranges on Mainside, etc.), I don't recall having problems stuffing rounds into (again, well-used magazines)…

    Having recently bought a new Ruger 556, and a good stock of new magazines?

    Holy. Hell…

    Sure, I'm THIRTY years older, than my early Marine Corps. days, but damned if I didn't nearly fling the magazines in the trashcan, for all the grief they gave me, trying to load them LIGHT! (Not to full capacity, and yes, I was loading 30 rounders)…

    First thing I did?

    Go to Youtube, and see what the experts and those with more experience and wisdom do!


    Thanks so VERY much, for saving my sanity, fingernails, and pursuit in enjoying my new rifle!

  6. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only old man in Kentucky is astral reloading magazines

  7. Now that I’ve seen one of these gizmos work, I can say it looks sweet. ?

    Two of my favorite things in life: Simple and easy. THAT makes life good. ???

    Only one minor draw back I can think of. You’ll shoot MANY more rounds! ??? Bulk ammo anyone? ?

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