25 thoughts on “MAGPUL Delton AR-15 Review (UPGRADES & ACCESSORIES) Part 2”

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  2. Man keep doing your thing. Like your vids. BROTHERS are know getting up on our firearms… And the Hater Are all over…

  3. this ar looks retarded – you are not a gun guy! …….just a poser! …..gangster wannabe! ….grow up dude!

  4. You keep LOADED magazines in your gun and the SAFTY was off the whole time. You don't seem to know anything about guns and should probably change that if you're going to be handling a loaded firearm. Also why in the world would you mount 2 flashlights? Just stop

  5. Wow, what a bunch of amateurs. Like I said in part one, it's a little to much but that's just me. Nevertheless though it is a nice rifle. And I do like the pistol grip and the scope. Personally I would have gotten a Primary Arms micro dot over the Bushnell.

  6. youre a fucking moron. probably the dumbest gun owner ive ever seen on youtube. people like you are why we need gun safety courses

  7. Yo dude I love your videos I have a ar15 300 blackout and im thinking of putting the same things bro that's a epic rifle

  8. My first AR is a Delton. I added a bunch of stuff to it, then later I'd removed everything and just got a Sightmark red dot with a slide to side Sightmark 7x magnifier. all the stuff I had on it was too heavy and easy too tacticool looking. now, I just like mine simple.

  9. I love your AR!  Wow you have that decked out nice and the way you want it!  Fuck all the haters!  Can't say anything nice than just move the fuck on!  Back to my comments….I noticed that fine trigger you have.  What make and model it?  How big is that magazine (40)? Not typing about the one with window.  I went with the AFG instead of the Vertical Fwd Grip.  Have at least over $300 in accessories on mine and still have more to add.  Loved to show you mine if you like to see it?  Don't know how I would?You having a Part 3?

  10. Two videos later I came to realize you dont know shit about guns and this is just a channel to show off your guns to a bunch of other thugs.

  11. your overcompensating you got a flashlight and laser and for what? pick one looks dumb you got cheap sights you could've brought yourself better upgrades and wasted your money don't waste your money on a bolt carrier the the one it comes with works fine unless you putting thousands of rounds thru it

  12. Sick AR15 . But I was wondering why you saving the steel case for shtf? Wouldn't you rather have reliable brass ammo at a time of need were your life may be on the line. And wouldn't you shoot the steel case now for practice and save the good Brass stuff for real battle shtf situation? No disrespect just want to hear your mindset on it and why you choose to go that route ?

  13. check this out homie….I hate ur guts bro….ur AR15 look so damn good I had to go out and spend my damn money to make my shit look half that good….nah I'm playing respect homie….u do owe me some money though

  14. im feelin ur ar can you make a complete list and where you purchased it so i can transform my ar as well….

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