MGI Hydra Multi-Caliber Rifle

The MGI Hydra is a multi-caliber rifle that takes a very unique approach to caliber swaps. One of the best features is the ability to quickly swap out magazine wells and the fact the Hydra uses AK mags when firing 7.62×39 ammo.


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29 thoughts on “MGI Hydra Multi-Caliber Rifle”

  1. Will this work on a normal ar 15 lower and would any barrel work or are your barrels modified? And is there room for a gas piston kit? Tnx. I really want the upper 😀

  2. MAC I would really like you to do a video comparing the hydra to the mutant. I know the mutant is a stand alone AR that takes the AK mag and the hydra is a plug and play multi caliber AR, I am more wanting to know about the bolts. I know the mutant has a beefy one, but will the hydra hold up like the mutant?

  3. What about the buffer and spring? What calibers require it to be changed? You can't tell me it is reliable with every possible caliber the weapon will fire. I don't believe that would be possible.

  4. Wish the rifles were paired with a single conversion kit

    Hydra: Wolverine, 5.56 (default) + 7.62×39 kit
    Hydra: OPFOR, 7.62×39 (default) + 5.45×39 kit
    Hydra: Big Bore, .50 Beowulf (default) + .450 Thumper kit
    Hydra: Legend, 6.5 Grendel (default) +.50 Beowulf kit

    Those options would get more people enthusiastic about this, the current signle configuration options lose out to far cheaper dedicated AR variants (which aside from very few exceptions) can just swap a full upper assembly to achieve the same result.

    The Starter & Survivor configuration packages are just out of most people's price ranges.

  5. One of my friends has this system. Everything fits tight and secure, no rattling that you may assume with so many parts. It was still zeroed after disassembling& reassembled. I'm jealous as hell!

  6. I'd really like to see a 7.62 x 39 torture test, especially since its a D/I gas system.  Accuracy test in 5.56 would be nice too !!

  7. The main question I have is can I use MY upper on the Hydra Lower? 
    That way I have a 5.56 14.5 upper with full length rail and a 9MM 5" suppressed upper, 7.62 PWS Diablo lower etc?  That would be bad ass and just sell me the HYDRA LOWER….. 

  8. It really sucks the military decided against caliber conversions for the scars. Without their huge cash flow I fear FN just wont be willing to do it on their own accords. However companied like styker enterprises just might figure out a way, especially seeing how jim at stryker ent. Has devised a alloy lower to accept not only pmags but oem scar mags as well, and all the trigger options RELIABLY (yes I said it) called the s.e.a.l.
    Anyway this is a cool rifle though.

  9. MGI you guys have one of the most awesome guns there. And the price you are asking to start out $1,300ish is actually really good and probably well below what others would price it.

  10. If I get this which one is the firearm or the one with serial # here the one that you send to the ffl which half???

  11. I love the idea, now if i could only afford one. Each caliber kit was $555 without mags, not to bad i guess.

  12. Thats how every modern rifle should be like.. Think if every Soldier had those minimum parts. Would really decrease ammo issues.. Kill more or less any enemy Soldier and scavenge that ammo.
    No more running out of ammo nightmares..

  13. Interesting, but this involves buying another AR. If I have two ARs already (5.56 and 5.45) I can just keep buying lowers in the calibers I want for them right? I have found them for under $500 including the BCG. Opinions please

  14. That would sure get a lot of looks and double takes at the range. AR-45 with an AKM magazine. Yup, you would have the most unique system of the month.

  15. Ask the camera guy next time to zoom in on the nuts and bolts of the rifle when doing the swap out of parts.

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