Monarch .223 ammo failure in AR15

First shots with newly assembled AR15. It does not like the Monarch ammo, upon closer inspection the copper jacket on some rounds was peeled back in the steel casing. Tulammo steel ammo ran just fine as you can see in the last clip, as did other Russian steel cased ammo.

11 thoughts on “Monarch .223 ammo failure in AR15”

  1. probably have hammer spring in wrong. ejection looks fine plenty of gas to cycle

  2. Very interesting, I used monarch .223 55 or 62gr. I'm prefer 62 gr. I love it and no problem with it. One thing I don't like kind of tulammo kill me, 5 out of ten bullet. After time, I always cleaning up and inspect etc make sure as good.

  3. have a delton bandit.will not shoot steel.psa pistol shoots better groups with steel ammo and runs flawlessly

  4. My piont is that low pressure ammo does not cycle well in gas operated weapons with high tolerances. And in the video the man named a different upper and lower. in other words not a factory weapon. So with non factory builds. Different parts from different manufacturers sometimes do not work well without a true 3200 fps round. As steel is typically around 2600 fps.

  5. Well here we go with another finicky FRANKEN-BUILD rifle. The Russian made steel ammo is designed for guns with play sort of speak. When people put together badass ARs, they tend to run into these problems. American made ammo is built for the tighter tolerances, more pressure in other words. My DPMS eats the steel or brass beautifully. Because it doesn't have the super strict tolerances of a $1,500 AR. So if you build a badass FRANKEN-GUN. Don't skimp on the ammo then say its an ammo issue. The issue is you must run higher presure ammo for the tighter tolerances.

  6. i have shot many brands of steel ammo.i have never had a problem with monarch in my smith & Wesson or my bushmaster.
    both of wich are .223………..but i have a custom ar 15 in wich i made my self and found that the primer strikes were just light
    enough to cause a miss. and the strike was pretty deep. but not deep enough so i bought a stronger spring and haven't had another problem. 223 steel case ammo primers are a little stronger my guess is because steel case monarch in a 520rnd tin can is raped in paper instead of a box to protect the primert and they come off of the same assebly line as the smallbox so i think it might just have to do with safty in the end.

  7. the monarch is relabeled barnaul. Most people have better luck with the barnaul than the tula steel cased.

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