Multi-Tool For Your AR-15 – Fits In The Pistol Grip: Short Stack …

As I wandered around Shot Show 2015, I stopped off at Gerber to see what they had that was new and interesting. I was drawn to some of their military-line, and this item – the Short Stack – was in that area. This tiny multi-tool is made to fit into a Magpul pistol grip (a variety of them) and it will do a ton of work for you in the field or at the range. Check out the video for more info.

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33 thoughts on “Multi-Tool For Your AR-15 – Fits In The Pistol Grip: Short Stack …”

  1. What a great tool! My AR has storage in the grips. Right now theres a tool kit and batteries in the rear, and a fairly comprehensive survival kit and one spare round in the fore. I don't know what anybody else uses theirs for. I ditched the buttstock that had the storage(couldn't fit anything in it anyway)in lieu of a m.o.e. really the only thing that it can't do is turn into a shelter, but im working on that. And considering the modular nature of the platform, why not design a rail-mount sort of bracket thingy for it? Or a specific foregrip(vertical or other type) that houses the tool,maybe with some other things, to sort of customize your own kit based on that one tool and your specific rifle. ?

  2. For a bunch of people who's here because they shoot guns that can do far more damage than a multitool…..yall are a bunch of cry baby pussies…you really can't stand a couple of bloody knuckles?

  3. This guy busted his hands up getting this f$&#%n thing apart. I know because I have one. Haha.

  4. All these folks talking shit about the dudes hands? WTF. I don't bust my knuckles everyday, but I've NEVER met anyone who worked with their hands who hasn't slipped and busted something up every once in a while. "Use gloves…" "…blood…ughhhh" If you're looking at tools for a rifle and a little dried blood scares you, WTF do you think a bullet does on impact with anything other than paper? MAN UP!!

  5. Got one of these and they can be a pain to break apart the first few times. Overall a very good tool though. I was disappointed that I didn't receive the bits for the sight adjustment (aimpoint/EoTech) portion when I ordered this. Not blasting, just stating.

  6. Too gimmicky for me. Just keep the proper dedicated tools close by and they will outperform this any day. They only thing i see as practical are the sight adjustment tools. It doesnt come with bore snake/ckeaning rod so you might as well bring 'em and the bristles as well. Carry a leathern to adress the other issues (for the most part).

  7. Nice looking tool, the bloody knuckles make me think its difficult or hard to use effectively even if the wounds came from something else. Wear gloves or something if your hands are that beat up.

  8. Another proof that AK platform is superior over the AR hands down. The only tool needed to RUN the AK is the one pulling the trigger. Fuck AR and all their faggot ass tools.

  9. This guy must be a big time dip shit how many times can u hurt your self put a bandage on that knarly wound

  10. went to Gerber`s website,couldn`t find this you know where it can be found? Thanks

  11. Kool, would like to see it in polished, blasted, hell any thing but black and green or camo, etc. .. loud color or polish would make more sense as this would be too easy to lose parts etc on low light occasions… It's hidden unless in use, and if needed that bad in operation don't think it matters at that point. But just an opinion, a virtual butthole, all possess and all stink unless it's yours:) also, what's comparable to rare earth magnet, but not one? Innovative, points on that front. Good stuff from Gerber and ETv… TNJR

  12. So hard to make it through this video,the bloody knuckles! Why would somebody at an exhibition not at least wear bandages!?!? Love the channel and all your vids!!

  13. Great idea, very smart, I like it.  Someone mentioned the magnet being a concern picking up iron filings, personally I am ok with that.  I'd rather see it come with the cleaning brush that this thing accepts and have the brush slide into this tool (or snap on/etc) while maintaining it's ability to store in the grip.  A brush is so cheap, why not, I'm sure Gerber can figure this out.  The other thing too is why not ditch the tactical black for once on a tool that is already hidden when not needed anyway.  That way when you need to do some type of critical gun maintenance in a bad condition and under low light you can easily see the damn tool and what you are working with.  Not to mention easily see the separate bits and pieces of this tool when you inevitably drop them on the dirt and vegetation…  Send me one, I'll R&D it proper for you!

  14. I really like it EXCEPT, they're using a strong magnet (I don't know what the equivalent of a magnet is if its not a magnet?) on a tool for the field? A tool that cleans metal as a main function? That thing is gonna be caked with iron dust particles in NO time! I think detent balls would have been a better choice to snap it together.

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