My Dream Pistol! Hardened Arms 7.5 inch AR15 Pistol

Finally completed my DREAM PISTOL.
Hardened Arms: parts list below

•KAK Industries Blade
•BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle
•Magpul BAD Lever
•Magpul AFG2 Angled Foregrip
•Mission First Tactical Picatinny Light Mount
•Tactical Performance PERF Flashlight
•Sig Sauer STS-081 Red Dot
•Aim Point Picatinny Riser
•Noveseke/Magpul Ambidextrous Safety 60%
•Magpul MOE K2 Grip
•Magpul MOE Trigger Guard
•Armaspec TCB-31
•Magpul MBUS Front Sight
•Magpul MBUS Rear Sight
•Strike Industries Polymer UDC
•Strike Industries Cookie Cutter

15 thoughts on “My Dream Pistol! Hardened Arms 7.5 inch AR15 Pistol”

  1. Ok I bought a ar15 7.5 pistol an a cookie cutter how to I go by putting my cookie cutter on when the rail got to go on first or how did u do it #NeedHelp

  2. hows the light holding up directly in the heat signature of the cookie cutter?

  3. Big fella! Thanks for the video! How is the Hardened Arms upper still doing? Would you recommend it? I want the 7.5 but just unsure of what company to go with. And do you have any experience with Davidson Defense uppers? Thanks again!

  4. Did get that whole build from hardened arms meaning the the upper an the lower without the mods ???

  5. Thinking of buying their 7.5” pistol. How many rounds have you fired on it? Is it a reliable firearm? I don’t know much of their company.

  6. Does it have the kak tube or just a standard tube if standard tube how good does the brace stay in place with set screw

  7. When u installed the cookie cutter did u use the locking nut and crush washer or just put the comp directly on the barrel

  8. Dude how did you get the cookie cutter on there and the factory muzzle brake off? Did you have to remove the handguard to do it? I cannot get the factory muzzle brake off. I have the identical setup as you

  9. very nice gun bud looks badass I'm almost done building my "budget" 7.5" pistol!!!!

  10. I have the hardened arms 7.5 (556) and the 10.5(300blk) with the citadel LMC muzzle with all magpul accessories. Definitely a good AR pistol

  11. Im about to buy the hardened arms 7.5" upper with quad rail and plan on running a cookie cutter as well. Did you have any issues getting the cookie cutting on? I notice a gap between hand rail and cookie cutter is that normal or should it be flush?

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