My First AR-15 Build ~Update~ Lower Parts Kit Installed

Giving an update on the progress of my first AR-15 build after installing the lower parts kit and stock/buffer tube.
I also mention a few things that are in coming soon to this project.

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17 thoughts on “My First AR-15 Build ~Update~ Lower Parts Kit Installed”

  1. The play in the adjustable stock is normal, if its really bothering you I would suggest the ATI TactLite stock, it's a little pricey at $50 but the lock up is really secure and it only weighs 5.85 oz!

  2. As long as the butt stock play isn't excessive, it should not be a problem.

    If it is excessive, it could be from mismatched parts – like a commercial diameter stock on a mil-spec receiver extension (buffer tube). Some butt stocks are also made for air soft receiver extensions, and will fit loosely on a mil-spec receiver extension – and so are often sold by unscrupulous dealers as 'mil-spec'.

    If the play really bugs you enough to replace it, I'd recommend the Magpul CTR over the MOE – if you want minimal play. Just make sure you match the stock to the receiver extension – commercial or mil-spec. And beware of clones, often found on eBay.

  3. Looking good man! Make sure you know whether you have a commercial buffer tube or a milspec buffer tube. Make sure you get the same for your stock. If you accidentally put a commercial stock on a milspec buffer tube it will be very lose. A little bit of wobble is common with cheaper stocks. I like the Magpul CTR personally. Also, make sure you don't make the same mistake I made putting the hammer spring in backwards! If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this video.

  4. Very cool CP! I am assembling the parts for my lower right now. I think I will do the build in a video. Your parts kit in that finish looks really cool! I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  5. R guns earned their reputation with piss poor customer service and questionable ethics. During the 2012 panic they were one of the few companies that let customers pre order bolt carriers and they shipped em out as soon as they were coated.
    They also have shady q/c. Lucky for you their is a vendor between you and rguns. When their gear is good to go it is an incredible value, but every
    purchase from there is a gamble. I think you will be good to go with the lpk.

    On your lower make sure to stake the castle nut. Not real sure what to tell you about the stock. One of my favorites is the 28 dollar moe fixed carbine. The bcm stock is nice, so is the moe sl. A primary consideration for you is to find a beard friendly stock. It hurts like a sob when the stock grabs hair.

    The Aim bcg was a good choice. Their customer service is excellent. I've put 1600 or so rounds on a phosphate one with no issues.

    I've seen the cbc uppers at sportsman's guide and cdnn. I know very little other than what i've read. Do some research find out if your barrel is dimpled for the gasblock. If it is leave it alone. If the barrel isn't dimpled and if it's going to be the only ar15 rifle you have get the gasblock pinned to the barrel. For the price of 7 or 8 magazines filled with ammo you will have a dead nuts reliable and durable gas system and bcg. Shooting and building the guns is fun, troubleshooting a gas system isn't.

    I don't remember if you mentioned your buffer and spring. If your going to shoot mostly wolf and 223 just make sure you have a good quality action spring in there. damageusa, brownells, stag, just make sure it is a quality one.

    If your mostly going to shoot 556 ball and 77otm think about a heavier buffer.

  6. Looks great, I like the nickle boron parts kit, great contrast. I've been ordering parts for my build, only need to order a bolt carrier group to complete. Hopefully you will do an update once you have it all finished.

  7. I would not worry about the play at all in the stock, won't affect a thing and most ARs I have handled have them. My stock Smith & Wesson has it, and it shoots like a dream 🙂 Good luck!

  8. Very cool man. I can't wait to do my build. Right now doing my bag and some self reliance training/practice. But I will post videos of my AR when I start. I really like the silver on black look. Awesome man. Can't wait to see yours when its done!

  9. Very nice. Its not hard, I enjoy putting the lowers together, the uppers.. lol not so much.. but its not hard to do. Looks great!

  10. most m4 style stocks have play in them… the hogue and mft minimalist fit tight… in my experience. great build so far my friend.

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