MythbustAR15 Can You Build A Real Gun With Airsoft Parts?

*Various Pins, Screws, Detents and Springs
*Forward Assist Assembly
*Charging Handle (With small modification)
*Pistol Grip
*Receiver Extension Assembly (AKA Buffer tube)
(Endplate Sometimes will need fitting)
*Ejection Port Cover Assembly
*Handguards (Depending on system and upper brand threads)
*Gas Block + Gas Tube
*Action Spring (AKA Buffer Spring)
*Muzzle Attachment (with adaptor)
*Selector (Sometimes modification is necessary depending on lower brand)

40 thoughts on “MythbustAR15 Can You Build A Real Gun With Airsoft Parts?”

  1. At one time I'll try to explain this again China was importing one certain type of brand of Airsoft gun and the lower receiver was identical internally to a AR-15 receiver minus the lower receiver kit all the parts the upper and everything else you would have to buy this overpriced airsoft gun strip it all the way down to just the bare receiver then order your lower receiver kit and all of your parts including the upper

  2. Me using airsoft a lot would say they wouldn’t last that long it would be better to just buy a gun then to try to modify a airsoft gun

  3. What about the pistol grip? A billet pistol grip is 100 bucks and 40 for the airsoft unit, So will it fit a real ar-15?

  4. you picked a terrible brand to do this with… inotaktsu fits actually ar parts ….I tried

  5. awesome video! The Liberal scum hate when you use sound logic to blow apart there asinine fear mongering! "Ooo guns are scary!" "ooo my metro sexual mangina is bleeding just thinking about that big black rifle (.22 barrel loading varment gun)pumping out big scary lead (.22 long rifle i guess its bigger the a BB?) deep into that repersention of a live human (paper target)at your underground hidden terrorist training center! (triple thick steel backed concrete gun range)"

  6. you can get a welded lower kit for less than $50 on the flat spot
    welders are cheap enough and useful enough to be worth the investment.

  7. You know who follows gun laws law-abiding citizens the more laws we have against guns only keeps them out of the hands of law abiding citizens

  8. Its gotta be a systema airsoft rifle if you want to use the lower for a real rifle, aeg's are wider to fit the gearbox inside of but systema used a real m4 receiver but good luck finding one… GBBR's are as close to the real thing so if I was to try this That's what if use

  9. thats the one thing that liberal's will never understand!! that are beter and easy ways to make a firearm! than buying a $250 airsoft and trying to convert it in to a functional one ….

  10. It looks like you went threw a large number of parts until you could find some that fit poorly to lie. It works better than american made junk.

  11. My dad with a 30 euro walther p99 springer: a criminal could just turn this into a real gun!

  12. in other words
    Yes its possible
    with an INCREDIBLE investment of money and time
    and be a complete pshycho to make it work
    …instead of just going to a goddam gun store!

  13. Yah we hear the Antis up here in Canada going on about this all the time. I told one once that I could build a gun out of parts from their car faster with grater ease. She then told me to name one time ever someone made a gun out of a car and commuted a crime… with out missing a beat I replied: "the Unia Bomber!" She then told me I was wrong so I told her to Google his home made gun.

  14. aluminum billet blocks should be illegal. cause, ya know, someone with a water jet and a cnc could make a real gun out of it.

  15. No. Anybody who would believe that you could build a real rifle from a toy lower is a fool and Oxygen is wasted on them.
    If you have to channel out the metal you may as well buy an 80% lower , work on it, and have a working rifle. Why are there so many jackass liberal and fools in the world.

  16. A criminal could threaten someone with an airsoft rifle but that is about it. A knife would work for that as well. In any case, law abiding citizens need to be armed.

  17. that justin roiland stutter tells me you were gonna get mischievous with that if it was gonna work

  18. I've been curious about this for awhile. thanks for the vid. I'll just stick with the 80% lower

  19. The question is why go to so much effort to change an airsoft weapon into a real firearm when if you could buy one form a gang or black market for a lesser price and effort

  20. The only airsoft guns that are gonna be able to be modified without excessive effort can cost up to two times than the real counterpart without considering the work hours required to do it.
    Now I don't know the black market price for an unregistered assault rifle because I'm not a criminal, but I bet you can get an AKM for less, plus you could just, you know, not get an assault rifle because you don't fucking need one to go on a killing spree, you can just get a good ol' lead pipe and easily crush a person's head or you can go classic and buy a hi-point, for those I'm sure they'll cost even less than the lead pipe and you can find them anywhere, even in places where owning any gun is illegal, and you know why? because criminals will get their things illegally anyway.

  21. It's crazy just how many little differences there are between higher-end airsoft and real gun receivers. The airsoft ones still look and feel real enough when in hand, but once you start trying to mix the two it's roadblock after roadblock after roadblock.

  22. when it gets the point where you have to mill/file every other part… might aswell just mill out a block of steel into a lower…

  23. some gun control is sensible but if you think that banning guns will do anything, your wrong and the same goes for drugs and such.

  24. so in other words it has a few relatively expensive parts compared to the real thing (which would be just as easy to acquire in bits) that could maybe possibly be used on a real gun and thats made both toy and gun lobby freak out. explained. i saw the videos of people converting them and it didnt look to likely to create any real "havoc" to me..

  25. As a gunsmith student, that looks like so much work, i would rather make an AR from a solid block and rod of steel.

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