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What is the best value all-purpose AR-15 rifle scope? Many folks may point you towards the Nikon M-223 scope series. Built with AR-15 shooters in mind, this 3-12 power model is configured for anything from zero to 600 yards! It employs a ballistic drop compensating reticle for easy shooting out to 600 yards using the reticle. Be the quickest guy on-target with this slick set-up. If you buy at you will find the mounts and all the other peripheral accessories needed to get this baby mounted on your AR-15 flat top rifle. With the state of the world the way it is, first come first serve is the way of the panic market – expect HUGE delays as the election approaches – might be wise to invest soon. These are IN STOCK at the moment. Use our “Rex 5” coupon for 5% OFF your entire order if you shop at

Nikon M-223 3-12x42mm Riflescope:
Nikon at OpticsPlanet:
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25 thoughts on “Nikon M-223 3-12×42 ~ SCOPE TEST (1080HD) – Rex Reviews”

  1. Close quarters??? Let me guess. You gents are X special forces ready to defend against bad guys. You need to see a psychiatrist or join the military, talk like this makes others fear of 2nd amendment defenders.

    Understand words define who and whom you are, this stuff is no joke, your, this will be my first and last time I view your thoughts….

  2. But in the AIM BCG video you said never trust anything that isn't "mil spec", issued to the troops in the field.

    Yeah, I'm being a bit of a smartass, but the point is that what matters is quality, not labels.  You got a BCG that wasn't up to snuff, no argument.  And maybe that means the AIM bcgs aren't to be trusted (although mine has been flawless for thousands of rounds).  But that doesn't justify calling other makers like the "spider" junk.  You will serve your audience better to give products a fair review (which you usually do).  Now maybe you do have some bad experience with the "spider" and if so maybe I simply haven't seen that video.

  3. I have the same but 4-16×42. I'm happy with it, except for two things. The closest focus is not close enough, even at 4x power. And though it came with the ARD (which is a bonus), it is very difficult to thread on and it is undersized such that the dust-cap falls off. I ended up replacing it with the sunshade instead.

  4. have mine mounted on top of my mini 14 target and it works very well . I find the optics are much clearer than a vortex pst that I paid over double for . you cant go wrong at this price range . I will definatley be purchasing more

  5. Rex,
    Any thoughts on Athlon scope products for ELR? Been looking for credible info, however I like to dig deeper when companies are a little cheaper, and they have some decent prices for optics from what I've seen.

  6. I've had mine for a year and its ok, the glass is a bit to dark for me and light gathering is hard in the morning or sun set. hate to say it. but I have a crappy BSA the same size and it kills the Nikon in light gathering. I think its the coating are just too heavy and dull it down. other then that its a great scope..

  7. So it's obviously a 223 scope but I was just curious if this scope would be any good for a 22-250 bolt gun? Any input would be great thanks!

  8. IF you use the Nikon app and enter your ballistic info, it will give u the hold overs for every magnification, not just max. I use one on my muzzleloader and its very handy to be able to use the holdovers at 5x and 7x on a 2nd FP scope.

  9. What do you expect the ruggedness rating to be ? I constantly see refurbished Nikon scopes for sale in the catalogs. This tells me people are having a lot of problems. And  now I am hearing you partially answering my question,LOL!

  10. which load is the reticle matched to? I got a eotech exps3-4 that's matched to a military round that can't be used at my shooting range. finding a round with the same BC is a pain in the rear.

  11. Hi rex! Have you tried the skw 10-40 tactical ? Canadian made for mil and police. Im expecting mine soon and its in the same price range as the swfa you like so much who by the way have begun to sell to canada again with a 121$ us shipping fee. Seing that i bought canadian. Thanks for the video you made ,great stuff.

  12. hi Rex i am psedo-new to long range shooting, and i already have a Swarovski Z6i 3-18 bt, this beeing a more a long range hunting scope, but i was wondering if the internals are good enough, optically it's more than good enough, i've removed the zero stop and now have about 17mils of vertical adjustment, but i haven't tried it beyond 450m at, though at that range it seems ok, but the turrets dont give me a "good feeling" so i was wondering if you could weigh in here

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