P.S.A. 7.62×39 AR 15 upper Review & firing Pin Fix

I get a fix for the firing pin problem, and give a review on how this upper functions.
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15 thoughts on “P.S.A. 7.62×39 AR 15 upper Review & firing Pin Fix”

  1. What lower did you use with the PSA upper? I'm looking into maybe making an AR47 my next build.

    Good feedback and review too!

  2. personally I cannot stand Wolf Ammunition. maybe others have had better luck with it then I but I can't stand the stuff. you can buy some brass 7.62 x39 pretty close to the same price of 5.56. so that's what I do also C products makes a pretty decent AR mag I've never had any problems with them even though they are not high price they have turned out to be an extremely reliable magazine at least for me.

  3. also alot of drop in triggers do not have the energy in the hammer spring for alot of the 7.62 primmers
    the enhanced pin and a good mill spec trigger or a trigger with a heavier hammer spring solves all issues
    I never had another issue after changing the firing pin and using a heavier spring
    you can get the wolf extra power sprint from the same company that has the firing pin


  4. Would you consider posting your videos on FULL30.com that is a great website. You never know YouTube may bite you!

  5. It is a great upper for the money. Like you said, I could not have put it together myself cheaper. I got it this last cyber Monday for 320 shipped, complete. The first time to the range I had the same problem you reported. Light primer strikes very frequently, at least several rounds per magazine. Other than the light strikes, I had no problems feeding or ejecting with my C Products Defense 28 round magazines. I replaced the firing pin that came with the upper with one from RedX arms for only 10 bucks. When I got it, I could tell it was longer than the one PSA provides. I took it back to the range the following week with the RedX pin and problem solved. 250 rounds through the rifle without a single light strike. This included a mix of wolf, tula, and brass cased Yugo surplus. People that think that 7.62×39 AR's are full of problems need to try this company out. It is just as reliable as my 556 AR but shooting ammo that is 24 cents per round vs 32 and up, ill take it. Glad its working for you, nice video. Cheers from Milwaukee, WI!!

  6. It really is a great upper. After modifying the firing pin I've shot over 500 rounds of Golden Tiger and Tulammo with zero light strikes.

  7. Glad it's running well for you. I'm looking forward to the next video on it, but do yourself a favor and wait for better weather. Thanks for the videos.

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