Palmetto State Armory AR15 MOE EPT LOWER

PSA AR15 MOE EPT (Enhanced Polished Trigger)LOWER this was a blem, but I can’t find really any blemish on it, maybe a slight scratch.
The only issue I had with it, was the trigger was not resetting at first, but it seems to mostly have worked itself out, but I’ll update you on its progress.
One thing I didn’t mention in the video, is that this lower has a flared mag well, which is good.

12 thoughts on “Palmetto State Armory AR15 MOE EPT LOWER”

  1. I’ve had that problem a few times most recently with PSA it’s NOT a big deal look for some videos on YouTube there’s a few a little light sanding and your all set and I mean light my PSA trigger took maybe 5 wipes and it was fine yours is not bad at all just watch the videos so you know right where to sand and your all set great video thanks!

  2. I just bought this and I'm waiting for it. Is the trigger issue a major thing is or is that not a big deal.

  3. liked your video gave your channel a sub hope you may check out my channel and sub back thanks Mike

  4. Your voice sounds better. Another informative and good video on the topic of guns. Keep it heavy! (growls like Chris Barnes) lol

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