Palmetto State Armory blemished lower AR15 receiver review – PSA

A tabletop review of the PSA AR15 blemished lower receiver. At $69.99 this is an excellent buy for those wanting to build a milspec AR on a budget.

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  1. I am fairly new to the AR rifle. While watching your review of the palmetto State armory lower you mentioned high shelf lower. My question is what is a high shelf lower, and is there a low shelf lower?

  2. I bought 2 blem complete lowers and you have to look very hard to see the blem.  Only the smallest variation in color in a small area.  First good field trip and you will do more than they did.

  3. The blemishes is at 6:10 inside the mag well on the right side. It's a metal deformity you can only see in the light. It's like the metal went at a bit of an indent

  4. PSA is just as good as anyone else, if not better. If you cant believe they are quality receivers because of the price (currently $39.99 not $69.99 anymore) you are missing out on an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING deal. Its all about quantity. They can afford to make less on each one they sell because they sell an absolute shit ton.

  5. Mag catch bolt release casting area where the roll pin goes is out of spec. Forward casting is much thicker than the rear. They should be closer in thickness.

  6. Casting block at the rear bolt locking/release roll pin area is undersized and irregular.

  7. Be careful of
    P S A. I ordered and paid for a lower 3 weeks ago.. never did send my order to gander mtn. never answered the phone at all….. 5 or 6 calls. on hold for hour after hour / ….

  8. High shelf? It'd be nice if people making videos would assume the person watching was brand new to all of these terms, like myself..

  9. just got my blem lower for $49.99. then the complete rifle kit for $399. It came covered in magpul parts. super happy with my deal. complete rifle for $450.

  10. I'm less than a newbie — just in the thinking/researching stage of my 1st AR build. You mentioned a "high shelf" lower. What does that mean and what's its significance?

  11. ur totally right about the shade of black of this lower. i paired a palmetto lower with a bcm upper and the varying shade of black between the the two were pretty obvious and it did kinda bother me at first but its really not that bad you can only notice it in the right light.

  12. I just bought a spikes lower for 115 at my local shop. I didn't have to dick with any ffl verification between the two parties. prices can be about the same without any additional work on your part.

  13. That lower was made by LW Schneider hence the LW serial number. They're located in Illinois. The blems and non-blems come from the same box. PSA wont hire people to answer the phones, you think they're going to hire people to inspect lowers?

  14. Really well done. I appreciate the content over the form. I have never been able to locate the "blem" on a PSA lower, at least nothing worse than a few days of wear of a "perfect" lower. I would only add that the most important element over any AR gadget or brand name is the barrel and trigger. Everything is just a conduit to get the bullet in and out. The barrel determines the direction and the trigger keeps it steady on; that's what matters most. A+ Great Job! (Love Palmetto) A PSA lower will do nicely. PS Palmetto claimed, on their website, that they have a multi-million dollar machine to create their own uppers and lowers.

  15. I'm researching building my first AR and am on the fence between Spikes and PSA. They're about the same price wise, except for the PSA offering "blemished" receivers for a reduced price. Anyone know of any actual functional difference between the two?

  16. is there any difference in the quality of the receivers between the ones that say "fire/safe" and the ones that have the "bullet" pictured?

  17. I love blemished receivers. Odds are I'm going to blemish the piss out of it anyways once I build it!

  18. I bought one the other day,I live close to one of their outlet stores in Mt.Pleasant SC.
    Saw the sign that said PSA blemished lowers $49.99. So I looked at them and said I'll take one. He said ok it's $99.00, I said I'll take a blemished one, he said ok,then it's $49.99. He opened a brand new box and handed me the lower to inspect. It was perfect. I think that when they get a big shipment in they just sell some at the $49.99 price, so we did the paper work and I got a flawless lower,
    Go figure….

  19. I ordered a 9mm kit on black friday, went to build it and found, I didn't have the firing group…I tried to call many times and either got put on hold or received a busy signal.  I gave UP and sent a email, never received a reply, so I sent a 1st class letter.  Today is Jan 12 and I still don't have my parts….7 WEEKS and my gun is not built because PSA has ignored my email and 1st class letter AND I still can not get them on the phone…?

  20. I bought a "blemished" lower… couldn't find a scratch on it.. I love me some PSA.

  21. PSA blems can't be beat. I just recently received another stripped pictograph lower for $49.99 and that cost included shipping. It was supposed to be a blem but I can't find anything that would have been blemished. I found tiny blems in my last 2 lowers but nothing on this one…. score!  This is my 3rd lower and I have 4 uppers from them…. all blems and I'm happy. Anyone looking to build or buy a complete upper/lower should look into these. PSA has $139.99 complete lowers for sale as of today's website

  22. A great choice for those who plan on Cerakoting their receiver.  Don't have to worry about color match with the upper either, if that's your plan.

    By the way, blem lowers are $49.99 now and blem uppers are $39.99.  Hard to beat that.

  23. I got a complete blem palmetto lower and I could not even find something wrong.

  24. My first AR was a PSA and i just built my first stripped lower from scratch on a PSA blemished item. I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with it other than some slight discoloration that was worn off by the time i finished building and testing the rifle. it looks a hell of a lot nicer than my rifle i've beat on 🙂

  25. Just picked up one of these with parts kit for 79 on black friday. If you can handle waiting til next year thats definitely the way to go.

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