Palmetto State Armory CLASSIC Lower Build Kit Box Opening & Revie…

In the process of building up some spare parts, The Palmetto State Armory Classic Build Kit is a great asset to have on hand for events down the road. Here is a review of the Parts in the Classic Lower Build Kit without the Fire Control parts.

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11 thoughts on “Palmetto State Armory CLASSIC Lower Build Kit Box Opening & Revie…”

  1. palmetto lower kits are good….tried to buy that fancy kit from 0utdoor sports usa…it super junk made of very poor quality metals, spring, finish……made me appreciate palmetto a lot

  2. I can't remember which is which but when i puchased the last lpk from them I called and asked the difference.. They said the main difference is one has a 6065 buffer tube and the other has a 7075 tube.. fyi..

  3. Great job. Your quality videos truly bring those parts to life. Excellent presentation. Have a great day friend.

  4. Good series i always wondered the difference between the two since i get 3 promo emails a day from PSA lol

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