Polymer AR15 upper by ATI :Shot Show 2015

Many of you know I own a free ATI Omni hybrid polymer lower AR15 pistol. Well this year at Shot Show ATI showed off the other half…a polymer AR15 upper.

I almost have review this polymer upper AR15 upper just because I own the polymer lower. As soon as I can get my hands on one I will review it.

Tell me what you guys think about this one in the comments below.

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35 thoughts on “Polymer AR15 upper by ATI :Shot Show 2015”

  1. so this polymer upper is 7oz? MagTac upper is 4.8oz, all metal… I'm a bit confused about the weight saving here…

  2. I'm sick of all these companies pathetic attention grabbing tactics of using big chested models to promote their products. Typically, if I'm aware of it, I won't buy from companies that engage in such transparent desperation.

  3. I want to know if ATI has fixed there omni hybrid lowers yet so they dont have that super loose .003 out of spec magwell so my mags dont bobble around in them? Both ATI hybrid lowers i have have a huge amount of access play in the mag well with any mags i use

  4. Nice booty on that AR……
    I have the Bushmaster C15 in 5.56, only time will tell. So far it's been great!

  5. Quite honestly, I think the representative in the pink dress could have easily disseminated that information. Ahem.

  6. It's an interesting product. I have two of their all polymer lowers I bought a few years ago. One has a Chiappa .22 upper and shows no signs of breaking while the other one lasted about 200 rounds with a regular upper. I'm sure the hybrid is a lot better than the all polymer design. The .22 AR is really light with a polymer lower and upper.

  7. I currently have a super sight, compact 22 pistol using the omni hybrid, so I was excited to see this news. I can decrease the weight further with one of these, though I think I'd be reluctant to use it in a larger caliber.

  8. They could make that polymer upper even lighter by dropping the forward assist and going slick side.

    I would buy a slick side polymer upper for a lightweight build.

  9. Just going through 2k rounds means nothing to me with this new upper… The extreme heating and cooling cycles the upper experiences with a di system, would be the biggest issue, which would only show it's face after time.. Not worth the small savings of $$..

  10. These new shitty companies come out the woodwork every shot show. Hire a stupid good looking chick to model a gun or parts she has no fucking idea what it is or about. Then these companies go back underground and die slowly.

    Mix just like you asked "WHY"?

  11. I'll be the first to say everything that came out of his mouth is bullshit. Really plastic is more durable than aluminum? Really? Self lubricating? So it melts and lubes it's self? Cough cough coughbullshit!

  12. Cool concept. I'd wait until enough people put a shit ton of rounds through it before considering it. I just don't see the real benefit. A couple ounces saved? You can get a Bushy upper for $50 these days. Not the best upper, but if you're trying to build a light rifle on a budget, you can easily find something in tried-and-true aluminum. Then again, I remember when people were saying the same thing about Glocks.

  13. LOL I think Hank thought you were serious when you said he keeps bombing your vid. He went away real quick.

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