Polymer80 AR-15 Polymer Lower Part 1

The Polymer 80 lower people saw my EP Lower Video and asked me to review their lower.

15 thoughts on “Polymer80 AR-15 Polymer Lower Part 1”

  1. At least you got all your kit in a box and all parts included. I got mine in a ziplock sandwich bag and missing 6 wood screws and a small bill …Lol!

  2. Polymer 80 percenters are my new favorite gun part. Making your own without the man and with easy to work plastic. I bought another brand to do entirely with hand tools just to show it can be done. chizels and hand drill 🙂

  3. i will buy this off u, if u have any of this specific model.
    were can i get this?

  4. You're a Washingtonian, nice! Same here, I am currently building my first AR from an 80% forged lower

  5. well I accidentally flagged your comment somehow now Its missing but anyway they make a 150 model now . I guess it is supposed to be a little bit stronger . I just ordered it im hoping they make the mag well stronger

  6. They don't package the jig with the lower by default any longer.  It's an extra $20 now.

  7. Thanks for the vids on these polymer lowers, im goin to start a AR pistol build and want to shave the weight. Im also likin the mag well on this new one.

  8. Dude, Cant wait to see your build…SUBBED!!!!!

  9. I think u just changed my mind in the E P lower can't wait for the rest of the build

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