PSA Lightweight 16″ MOA Freedom Rifle Build Kit Assembly & Review…

Palmetto State Armory has some of the most diverse collection of AR Build Kits. This PSA Lightweight 16″ MOA Freedom Kit is no exception. A versatile rifle build with just great parts. Good looking as well. Damn thing is Awesome and a Huge Value in one Package. Stay tuned as we add BUIS and an Optic!

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19 thoughts on “PSA Lightweight 16″ MOA Freedom Rifle Build Kit Assembly & Review…”

  1. i love mine… bastard is flawless….i've got about way over 6000 rounds threw mine without a malfuntion….added a muzzle brake and upgraded trigger and a magpul foregrip…. wanted a sig but she works fine till i save the $$$$ for the sig….

  2. i want to pull the trigger on that upper but idk if i should hold out for a chf barrel or not. it would be for shtf scenario a some practice every three months or so

  3. I like to say M. O. E. it's not one of the Three Stooges after all! I love my P.S.A. dissipator.and I'm trying to convince my brother in law to go the Palmetto State route. I'll definitely point him in the direction of this video! Thanks for making it.

  4. Well let me tell you this. Before you buy from this company read the customer reviews. Some people including me have been waiting for ever to get and upper's and lowers. If you read the reviews and look at the date's they were posted there. It was MONTH's ago and there still waiting. Calling customer service    (key word service!!!????)   It's the same every time. WE (meaning customer ) have no clue when anything is coming in (nor do I think they cair) It seems no one can take the time to call the manufacture and find out when things are going to ship so they can let customers know when items will be there…  Lets say you have bought a lower now you have a large paper weight  sitting around because no one at Palmetto told you when you bought the lower that the uppers might take 3-4-5-6 months to arrive. Very bad customer service.. GOOD LUCK with trying to get what you want from this company.

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