Radical Firearms AR-15 & Complete Uppers

15 thoughts on “Radical Firearms AR-15 & Complete Uppers”

  1. RF .450 bushmaster 16in, it is Under GASSED. @ 0.0770 Gas Port. That should be a Minimum of 0.0936. If you own one of the .450BM uppers. Take the RAIL Off, and the Gas Block. And measure the gas port diameter in the barrel. If it is Under .0936. It won't cycle very well if at all. If you are not the Original Purchaser. You will have to drill out yourself. If you are the Original Purchaser, you are gonna need to send it back to radical

  2. I have this upper with the 14" rail and RF Spitfire muzzle device, really enjoy it. The reverse KeyMod on the sides is a bit different, but I do prefer KeyMod over M-LOK. The KeyMod is properly chamfered and pairs perfectly with my BCM Mod 3 VFG.

  3. you guys are fantastic, I just purchased an m39 and she needs a little work but she's a diamond in the rough, once I restore and refinish her I'll post photos

  4. Was there a .458 socom option by chance? Also i didn't see the 6.5 grendel upper listed on your site. Can any of the .300 blackout or 6.5 grendel be dropped onto a 5.56 lower?

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