Rainier Arms A-DAC Lower Review | Mk18 AR15 Pistol Build Update

Giving you guys a cool quick update on my Faux Mk18 Build. I recently replaced my Mega Arms lower for the Rainier Arms A-DAC (ambidextrous dual action catch) lower receiver. Its a Great practical and functional lower that has the ability to lock the bolt to the rear by using the magazine release. I explain it in greater detail in the video. Check below for the build list and link to the part on Rainier Arms Website. Thanks for watching!

31 thoughts on “Rainier Arms A-DAC Lower Review | Mk18 AR15 Pistol Build Update”

  1. Thinking about tossing the sb tactical sbm4 brace on my pistol. Do you have problems with it slipping out of place? Or tilting? Or is it on pretty tight?

  2. That's one badass pistol build!!
    I was curious, the malfunctions occurred during shooting that you cleared, were those actual malfunctions or simulated?
    Either way, I enjoyed watching and loved the background music.

  3. That lower is really cool. Never heard of the mag release/bolt drop button before. Personally I think it'll just confuse people more but it is interesting. Ever heard of the PDQ lever? I think it's better cause it has it's own button controls.

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