RE: AR-15 Accessories Do’s and Dont’s (Highjak86)

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  1. I'm good at calculating weight , and that's a 12lb. rifle fully loaded !  a  good optic and a light are the only two things you need to be combat effective . I humped the world with an M16 and then an M4  for years with just those two accoutrements . To each his own .

  2. I think you are spot on with setting an end goal for the rifle you are building. I have drawers full of shit I regret buying….but I learned from it. With that in mind….your anti rotation pins, nickel boron bcg, and stock pouch are classic examples of things people waste money on…..agreed?

  3. One of the best do's and don'ts videos I've seen. I was watching another one where the dude had his vertical grip all the way out on the end, and he was like "This is where you want the grip, there is no reason to have it closer in towards the rifle" where in actuality there are several reasons to have it close in. He just didn't have the experience to know. Glad you can speak from more than one standpoint.

  4. Goal???????
    How about buy a basic Mil Spec AR without all the shit on it. Iron sites, learn to shoot it. Because when all your gadgets fail, thats allnyou have.

  5. A goal??????? Buy a basic mil spec AR without all the shit on it. Iron sites, and learn to shoot it. Because when all your gadgets fail, thats what you must use.

  6. thank you for the information my wife is a regular shooter having shot over 15 year year are we both going out to buy ARS this weekend for home defense and also to control the coyote

  7. What brand of vertical handgrip fits the fore end stock of the Ruger AR 556 carbine, or would a person be better off replacing the factory fore end and going with a complete, say for example, Magpul m3 system? I don't really want to go over the top on expense or accessories, just a handgrip, a weapon mounted tactical light on the side and a red dot optic on my upper receiver rail. Suggestions?

  8. Damn you hit that poor AR with the ugly stick. That's way too much shit. I also never understood putting the heavy cheesegrater handguards and then covering the whole thing up. This is an example of what not to do. BTW, I shoot 6000-7000 rounds per year with my BCM 14.5 and I'm fine with MOE handgaurds and an Aimpoint PRO.

  9. Nice, I model My AR-15 HBAR after yours, with the A3 Upper. ACOG
    TA31RCO-M4 to have that M16A4 look. I was a M1A1 Tanker in the USArmy,
    so I did not get to use my M16A2 much as a Private, just now catching up
    and like the M16A4 look. A few Difference, Surefire Ultra Scout Light
    and Giessele Flat trigger on mine.

  10. There is so much truth to your statements in this video it is just mind blowing. I have seen firsthand trends in the ar-15 industry and gun industry as a whole go up and down through trial and error myself and it is full of popularity contests and fads however not everything that is new is bad some of the new philosophies of use and technologies concerning ar-15s are beneficial you just have to figure out what works for you and your situation. There is no right or wrong answer much of the time I personally believe, furthermore I agree that you can't just take one man's opinion when it comes to persuading you to go a certain route within the gun industry. You really have to have some independence and rationale behind your own decisions. with that said, I have discovered that the more traditional mindset when it comes to philosophies of us with ar-15 style weapons and rifles as a whole really is the more appropriate route to go in most cases it's just that the trends and fads are more about marketing and popularity amongst individuals that jump onto bandwagons and because of elitist egos and attitudes. I have yet to see certain old methods fail.

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