Reid’s AR-15 SPR Setup: Muzzle to 600+ Yards

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The SPR is a Special Purpose Rifle and enables the shooter to hit with accuracy at distance with consistency. In this video, we cover optics, setting up the rifle, the role, and application of the the SPR. We also head out to the range to show the rifle in action at distances up to 600 yards.

36 thoughts on “Reid’s AR-15 SPR Setup: Muzzle to 600+ Yards”

  1. Would you consider a Ballistic Advantage 16” Hansen barrel work as a spr in the theory of a MK12 mod h

  2. Hey there, do you still think the NF NXS 1-4 is enough, I'm thinking of getting one, the NX8 is out but a lot more expensive in NZ?

  3. You’re a good shot! It’s not all about these bigger gun, bigger ammo, bigger scope…you proved what a 55gr and 1-4x scope can really do…target or hunting…makes me feel better building my 16” Barrel 223 Wylde vs Expensive much more recoil 308..thanks and God Bless!

  4. I have a M4E1 with an 18” barrel chambered in .223 Wylde what’s a good optic to run on it? I’m thinking variable but I don’t know if 1-4 is better or 1-6

  5. Hey Reid Henrichs I have a question for you that's important to me. I have an Ar15 I finally got completed with an lwrc Di upper in 5.56×45 with the 16 inch barrel on a surplus ammo lower. I don't make enough money to buy guns but a few times a year. I need it as my every situation rifle what would you recommend I do with it scope wise and what might it be best for?

  6. One of these days Reid one of these days. Money is an issue now but I’ll get to you for some training. You and Clint smith are at the top of my list so your in good company

  7. Sorry I'm a foreigner so I don't have much information from what happens in the US, but it got me curious… what happened during the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans that required firearms to be engaged?
    Sorry for my lack of knowledge…

  8. Hello, Mr.Reid Henrichs: I see more Camera Witness via through the scope to show Rifle shots.Even in PCP rifle shooting ?! Maybe ask ATN Out if San Bruno field test I hope you re-read your YOUTUBE notifications.I have l learned a lot from your channel since I found you.Your political thoughts are so true so simple Thank You, Marien, for your service.God Bless.

  9. Gotta say u have an amsome place there.Definately saving up to make a ride down for some training there.

  10. what pack is that i run a eberlestock operator i think its a g4 had it about 5 years now so i dont remember exact model but its a beast of a pack worth every penny

  11. Hey Reid, I have a Mak90 Norinco and i want a dust cover with a rail so that i can mout a zoom in scope, but i can never find a company that make accessories for Norinco that will fit to spec. Do you no where i can get a dust cover that would a Mak90?

  12. Great video on myself I'm on a budget as a disabled veteran. And I like the quality glass from primary arms. It's very affordable very high-quality. And there optics have been compared to one's costing $1000 and up why not use one of theirs as they have designed a retical called the ACSS. It's a combat reticle for fast target acquisition fast ranging hold off's even for targets that are walking or running with the rifle. And I have found them to be extremely accurate which helps me to be extremely accurate when shooting my A.R. 15's and my savage model 10 FCP Dash SR .308 sniper set up. The scopes are priced just under $300 you need to check them out maybe even do a review on one I'm pretty sure the viewers would like it

  13. Damn Reid, I can't afford $1300 for a scope. I know a sight is a very important part of any rifle system but I'm a good iron sight Rifleman Reid, is there any other scope that is acceptable that is a little cheaper. Heck, I thought I was doing good to have a LEUPOLD 3-9 as a glass optic now you've gone and broke my heart.

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