Reloading the 6.8SPC Cartridge for the AR15 Rifle


Part 2 of a 2 part video on how to reload the 6.8SPC round. In this video I go over the steps that I take to load my ammunition for my AR15 used for hunting. The steps and equipment used in this video can translate to other calibers. Be sure and consult the proper reloading data for the combination of reloading components you are using. Be safe!

LEE Zip trimmer:

LEE trimmer ball: (the ball is much more comfortable to hold than just holding a cutter)

LEE Case Length Gage & Shell Holder

32 thoughts on “Reloading the 6.8SPC Cartridge for the AR15 Rifle”

  1. how would I go about developing a load for 100 gn accubonds with a2200 powder for my 1/11 twist 16" stainless barrel 6.8. accurate doesn't have specs on that bullet n powder but if seen guys do it. I've never reloaded before.

  2. Yes, I a couple of 650's for pistol calibers but my rifle stuff it loaded on the single stage. I trim each case and prep the brass. My shot rounds from the 6.8 is really low so I do not mind it. The 556 however, I buy that. Too many rounds shot for a single stage.

  3. I can't believe you load your 6.8 single stage. I would swear I saw two RL 650s on your bench.

  4. Hard to say. I never keep track of my brass when it comes to counting the number of times I shoot it. Its too hard to keep track up and I like to not have brass divided up in particular batches. Keeps more work on me 🙂

  5. I did not see any difference but I was not shooting bench rest style shooting. Plus my skill with the rifle does not show 1 MOA of difference. I am not that good when it comes to super tight groups.

  6. I am using H322 powder and using Winchester Small Rifle primers. I hear CCI is best but to be honest I can;t tell the difference. I use the Winchester since that is what I have on hand.

  7. I'm new to reloading was just wondering what powder, primer and bullets for hunting to use I have sliver state brass and hornady brass 6.8 please help??

  8. I got mine from MidWay. Parabellum reserach is gonna start loading 6.8. They are giving me some to test next month.

  9. Where do you buy the bullets. I tried to get some accubonds from ssa, but they didn't actually have a buy option, and everywhere else is charging about 80 cents a bullet. Kind of seems more cost effective to just buy them loaded.

  10. Its an RCBS powder measure/trickler and scale. Retails is around $330 from most places.

  11. Parabellum Research in Kyle Texas is working up some 6.8 loads to sell. I am getting some of their 130grains to try out. I've never shot anything that heavy.

  12. Great video. I jumped on the 6.8 back in 2007 and haven't looked back. Decided to start "rolling my own" this year.

  13. I know, its about the same price as regular hunting calibers. On another note, I was shooting with TexasOutDoorAction this weekend and he was popping static clay pigeons at 100 yards with his 6.8 using my ammo. It was nice to see that kind of accuracy. I hope he posts a video soon.

  14. Thanks! I bet the 50 cal would put me in the poor house. My wife may not like it either. Lotz of money.

  15. great vid…love my 6.8 ..but ammo is a little spend. guess ill be getting a 6.8 die soon

  16. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I also did a video on reloading pistol ammo. The 50AE to be more exact. That was an interesting round to load. I'm not used to putting that much powder in a pistol case!

  17. Thanks for producing one of the most straight-forward vids about handloading I have seen yet (for rifle cartridges, anyway.) So many others spend so much time telling you about what brand of press or die, or whatever is the best until you wonder if they will ever get around to actually loading anything. Thanks to your vid I think I will actually invest in some reloading gear and try it myself. Well done!

  18. Its way less than a dollar per round. Without looking around for component pricing I'd guess about $55 per round to reload the 6.8

  19. Thats good info. Right now I have so many of the 90-110s it will be a while till I get to the 130s.

  20. Yeah, my quantity is fairly low when it comes to the 6.8. Plus I "feel" I can get better consistency with measuring each powder charge. I want to make sure that these rounds are the best for accuracy as I can make them since I use them for hunting.

  21. why don't you get one of your Dillon's set up for your rifle rounds? Just not doing as much quantity?

  22. Will do. I like the 6.8, I wasn't impressed at first, but this year with some of the new loads, have really made it a great round. Good deal on the cheap child labor you're using too. My dad tought me reloading too. Which after college when I discovered 3 gun and USPSA turned out to really come in handy. It was six months before I figured out you don't have to clean primer pockets and trim pistol brass, looking back I had the best ammo at the match.

  23. I just recently saw data on the 130. I plan to try it but I have a boatload of the lighter bullets. I've been talking with Tactical Gun Review and they are really pushing the Barnes 95 grains at almost 3000fps. Can you email me with your email address and I'll send you my spreadsheet.

  24. I would strongly consider 120 or 130 grain bullets with 2200. Gives about 2400 fps with 130's which gives quite a bit more knock down power for hunting. With 90 grain bullets, even if you were able to reach velocities of 2800 it still wouldn't have the energy of the slower 130. I'll have to try your suggestion though? Any Chrono data with that powder?

  25. For the heavy bullets 110 and 115, I am using H322. I loaded som 100s with the H322 as well and they seem to do fine. I picked up a bunch of 90 grain Speer and I am going to try the Reloader 10 with those.

  26. Great video.

    I have a Stag 6.8 upper on a Spikes Tactical Lower I use for hunting. I always clean the primer pockets, but now I'm curious. So, what powders are you using? I just started using AA 2200 and the velocity and accuracy seems like it will be great for hunting. Next time you are in the market for a new powder give it a try.

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