Review: Caldwell AR15 Mag Charger

A new Magazine loading tool, from Caldwell

19 thoughts on “Review: Caldwell AR15 Mag Charger”

  1. while being in a lifetime ago, we had zip strips which loaded a 30 rnd in 10 seconds …. I have about 700 zippers new and plan on carrying those in the field as necessary.  I see on the video this Caldwell would load faster n smoother if the base board is anti-skid (like a carpet) ..  thanks for posting … I bought 2 Caldwells as depicted in this video.

  2. it looks, ok. The only way it's convenient is if you had like you said a manufacturer who has theirs already boxed the same way the tray sits… if you buy a box of 150 like I do, then the maglula loader is best bc you can just dump a bunch of loose rounds in the loader, straighten them up and push it in.

  3. Piece of crap. By the time you load them into the holder to transfer to the loader it takes longer than by hand one by one. I sent mine back after it stovepiped 5 rounds in the Mag. Save your money!!!!

  4. Yeah its quick but its also VERY clunky, it hung up when attempting to pull mag out of gadget, and even re-inserting it it did NOT go smooth, I also watched the Caldwell video they also had same issues. Bottom line people: Save your money TOO FRIGGN CLUNKY
    I GIVE IT A4.5 OUT OF 10

  5. Looks more complicated than stripper clips and strip Lula. Pre load clips or buy loaded clips. Every 3 to 5 seconds you 10 rounds in. Stripper clips are cheap and reusable. Bultler creek strip Lula $30 and fits in your pocket.

  6. cool loader, pretty pricey if I remember right. I find AR mags very easy to load though so for me, not sure it's worth the cost. Definitely a cool product though

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