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legally selling a gun in ohio?

i am 18 years old and bought a gun called the mossberg 500 ever since i got this shotgun i haven’t shot it one time well i live in Marion Ohio and i wanted to ask cause last thing i want to do is go to jail i am not a violent person i bought the gun for self defense cause our family are a bunch of cracks they steal and kill each other and rape each others girlfriends its crazy i know well anyways i was going to sell it and get my all time favorite weapon a bow not a fancy compound a re-curve and i was wanting to ask how to i go about selling it legally and so if he shot someone or got in trouble it wouldn’t come back on me when buying or shooting guns i have noticed they put it in your name so if i made a private deal without a federal firearms license would i go to jail? and if not if he shot someone with it would it come back to me and they’d make me accomplice or something? and if yes to either of those how can i go about selling it to him and getting it put in his name i don’t wanna sell to a pawn shop cause i bought a gun there for 100 and they said i can only get 25 out of it and this gun here is very expensive and a really good gun i even got accessories to it like a red dot sight and a shoulder sling and rail mount all that its pimped lol so please help. p.s sorry for babbling on main subject how to sell it legally so it don’t backfire on me

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