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Has Barak Obama EVER said anything about the PATRIOT ACT?

I sure haven’t heard him say anything…

I bet you Bush supporters that defend the unconstitutional PATRIOT act will be sorry when Barak Obama labels you a terrorist for opposing his new gun control bill, bombing Iran, or whatever, and then you are arrested without a warrant, not allowed an attorney, not allowed to see a judge, and imprisoned indefinitely.

But back to the question – Has Obama ever criticized the PATRIOT ACT or said that he would abolish it? LINKS PLEASE
John W – I beg to differ – the government IS out to get you.
They want power, they want more power, they want your money, and they will crush anyone who stands in their way. They already have both parties bought and paid for.
Should I have to post links to the patriot act? It is law.
Ah ha – so he voted to renwew it. I should have guessed – he did attend a Bilderberg meeting and he is a CFR member.

Leftists are anti-freedom.