Spare parts for the AR15

This video takes a look at spare parts as well as some critical parts you should have for the AR15.wmv

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  1. Put the calipers on them, I wonder what the EXACT length is supposed to be for AR-15 and AR-10 ? I'm getting a bunch of light primer strikes on a brand new firing pin. Aero Nickel boron yuck.

  2. The only size you will need to kmowis the length of the rifle. Is it a 20inch a midlength or a carbine? Thats it , as far as tube diameter they are all the same.

  3. so i usually think about the gas tube like an artery and the gas cholesterol. is this an accurate analogy? if so, how do i clean it without taking it loose from the rifle?

  4. mr lock nload it's been a wk since i wrote to you about the 3 gas rings on the ar-15 was woundering if you know wht they do thanx

  5. OK i see what you are talking about. That is a upgrade apparantly to the extractor. I have not seen that before, but i will look into it for sure. very interesting and if it adds a little more tension to add reliablility than thats a good thing!

  6. hey buddy i found another channel where you can see tht Oring i was telling you about.look it up under GONZO0710 let me know if you see it and wht you think about it

  7. good info nice video again..question on the extractors i cleaned mine yesterday and my extractor does not have a spring like on one of your ar's.. my extractor has like a rubber Oring ….and on top of the rubber Oring it has like a lockwasher would i be able to swamp it out what do you know about this rubber Oring thanx

  8. Thanks, very good info for the new guys. Please keep in mind that everyone is new at some point, so lets not forget that.

  9. its wierd seeing one of my videos as a related video, but at least this time their aren't any wierd vids related lol. great video, where did you find the springs packaged up like that?

  10. Spare parts equal a gun. I believe in this so much Bill. I have lots of extra stuff. Great video my friend!!

  11. on AR15 COM people are offering complete firearms forb thos parts im looking at 1 now used sig p226 with 1 mag for ar-15 bolt group n assembly

  12. AW shucks Paul, thaks buddy! There are alot of good channels on here that have great info on AR's. but i appreciate that awesome compiment. :))

  13. You definitly are the " AR GURU " … as always , good vid Bill ,enjoy the remainder of your vacation !

  14. Im building my first AR. Should i fork out $35 for a titanium firing pin? Or just stick with $15 steel firing pins?

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