Steel Cased ammo – Should you use it?

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  1. I have a couple things to say here. 1. They're called catridge. The term "round" is slang from what I've read and is vague and 2. You should be cleaning you're firearms regularly anyways

  2. Shot my new .357 Redhawk 8-shot Revolver today. The first loads I put in were some Brass casing (cant remember what brand) and they shot well and ejected out cylinder just fine. Then I loaded some of that Tul Ammo and it shot ok but when I tried to eject the casings from the cylinder none of them would budge and ended my session with that gun for the day. Once home I used a small screw driver to pop out each casing witch took a lot of force to get out. I'm never using steel casing again and that brand Tul Ammo just seems like garbage to me, it was cheap and now I know why.

  3. The biggest reason for steel cases ammo to not be ok for your gun is the extractor claw steel is much harder and puts more stress on the extractor and can damage it. It's listed in many manuals if you read them

  4. Great info. I am looking for a VEPR Pioneer .223 and the Ammo is the deciding factor. After this video I'm glad to say I can use steel .223 in the Pioneer and just keep it cleaner than normal. Thanks again from "Kommiefornia!"

  5. Com. bloc. rifles & pistols were designed/made to use steel case ammo. not to mention the U.S. military M1 Carbine and the M1911/1911A1

  6. My Arsenal AK's extractor broke because of steel ammo stuck in the chamber ? but it was in 5.45 and there is no brass case 5.45 ammo… I kinda sucked on that.

  7. my s&w sd9ve jams up with steel cased ammo. i took it to a local gun store and was told it was not "strong" enough to shoot steel cased ammo

  8. No problem with 7.62×39,in my SKS,yugo,made.Wolf,Tula,Brown Bear.Especially at$200-250,for1,000 rounds vs $600-700 for brass cased.

  9. 180 Rounds flawless rapid fire lacquer coated steel case Monarch through my AR. Only 5.49 for 20 round box.

  10. Just picked up a new AK47, I own many Firearms enough for the need of two safes. although I have worked on the AK47 as well as fired one this is my first AK-47.

    My question is while using brass fiocchi ammo I'm noticing a slight bulge between the extractor Groove and body of the casing, about a quarter inch above the rim. I've heard in Russian AK-47s this is normal to distinguish the spent casing from civilian to military but this is a u.s. made AK-47. I field-stripped the rifle and the round Falls completely in the chamber as it should. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

  11. the entire case stretches and locks the case in the chamber so that the ENTIRE case is not sent rearward. No bolt is strong enough to contain the 50-65k pounds of force to the rear. Steel is not capable of repeated expansion, do you wonder why steel isn't reloaded many times? Use what you wish. I'll stay with brass, I shoot rounds like the 6.5x47L at 65k I would never trust steel in a chamber like that, period….

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