Swirl painting my competition AR15

Here is the final product in action. https://youtu.be/TIeL9nIk0BQ.

36 thoughts on “Swirl painting my competition AR15”

  1. Wipe off paint on sock ?
    Died after video because to much Coke Zero ?
    Gun is ruined now and a wall hanger?

  2. Can this be done with cerakote or any of the really hard, wear resistant paints/coatings?

  3. " This is not Hydro dipped… this is paint" I'm sorry, How is this not hydro dipping just because you're using paint? Hydro dipping is the name of the process, correct?

  4. This method has been around a while for guitars after a bunch of people saw Steve Vai's swirl paint job. It's a pretty good method for getting an acceptable paint job without needing to know the entire in's and out's of painting.

    Good Job dude.

  5. Did you get that dumb ass paint job from redeeming your my coke rewards for all that Coke Zero? Should have used your points on cerakote!

  6. If only the camera man talked on porno like that, "Ya right, there you go. Put it right in. Good job, that's sick". Next time dude, STFU.

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